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Bhabhi ji ghar by hain Death of Mallkhan Deepesh Bhan’s wife is a broken lakh rupees loan.



Left the loan with his wife and son

It is also apparent from the media that Deepesh Bhan left behind his wife and son as well as a loan. Dipesh is said to have bought a house in Mumbai some time ago. Whose outstanding home loan of lakhs lies. Dipesh’s wife doesn’t do any work either. In such a situation, financial problems continue in front of Dipesh’s family.

weight of death cerebral hemorrhage

weight of death cerebral hemorrhage

Let us tell you that the weight of Dipesh Bhan’s death is presented as a cerebral hemorrhage. He fell to the ground while playing cricket. Those present tried to lift Dipesh. But he gave no answer. Dipesh was pronounced dead as he was taken to hospital. Dipesh Bhan gained popularity with the role of Malkhan in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain. He came to Bombay in 2005.

Dipesh Bhan made magic with comedy

Dipesh Bhan made magic with comedy

He worked in the film Faltu Utpatang Chatpatti Kahani which was released in 2007. He has appeared on television. Besides Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain, Dipesh has appeared in many TV shows including Comedy Ka King Kaun, Comedy Club, Bhoot Wala, FIR. Dipesh became a father last year.

Dipesh's son born in January 2021

Dipesh’s son born in January 2021

Dipesh’s son was born in January 2021. He also used to share photos on Instagram with his son and his wife. Also used for making comedy reel videos. Even before his death, he made fans laugh with his latest humorous video.

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