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Cancer Survivor Tahira Kashyap in Awareness Post



Tahira Kashyap shared this image. Image Courtesy: Tahirakshyap)


  • Tahira was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018
  • “Value yourself,” she wrote in the post
  • Tahira shared an elaborate post on Instagram

New Delhi:

Tahira Kashyap is an inspiration in many ways. Wife of actor Ayushmann Khurrana, she is a director and writer who has a huge fan following on social media. Also, the one badge that Tahira Kashyap wears with pride is a cancer survivor’s badge. The author was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018 and has been vocal about the trials and tribulations on her way to recovery. Now, with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Tahira Kashyap has penned a heartfelt note about the disease and urged her Instagram followers to act proactively. Sharing a picture in which she is holding a pink ribbon symbolizing breast cancer awareness, she wrote, “Protect yourself. Give importance to yourself. Take care of yourself. ”

Reminding people about the importance of self-examination, Tahira Kashyap said, “Have gone through this path so can suggest that please do regular self-examination. Sometimes even a young age doesn’t help. Don’t be an ostrich if you think something is wrong. Mistakes are detected in time only when you act on them. Action means letting the doctors examine you and go through their protocol.”

She ended the post on a positive note and said, “You are very important, deserve to add a lot of value. Please never forget this.”

On the occasion of National Cancer Survivors Day, celebrated on the first Sunday of June last year, Tahira Kashyap shared an inspiring post. Along with a photo of her with bruises on her back, she added an audio clip, recounting a poem she wrote about loving her “flawed, imperfect, flawed” self.

Tahira Kashyap also added the poem to her caption. An excerpt from it reads, “Some scars are deep, some within. Some are visible while some are hidden. The point of scars is that they remind you of the past. The moments of sadness you thought are always there.” But there’s more to these goddamn scars. They’re a mystery hidden far away like the stars. It’s the truth you don’t see with the naked eye, oblivious to the workings of the world, a lie. But listen to me, there is more to this mark, it also talks about fighting, resilience, and your unstoppable power.”

Listen to the full poem here:

Tahira Kashyap often shares important information related to health and fitness on her Instagram profile. A few weeks ago, Tahira Kashyap shared in a video that she was admitted to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) after suffering from bottle gourd poisoning. The author said that she consumed bottle gourd juice even though it was bitter, causing her “blood pressure to drop to 40” and “17 times of vomiting”. She uploaded the video to spread awareness about the toxicity of bottle gourd and to help prevent such accidents among the onlookers.

On the work front, Tahira Kashyap has recently directed a segment of Looks like love An anthology on Netflix. Ayushmann Khurrana and Tahira Kashyap have been married since 2008. they have two children.


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