Dhokha Round D Corner Movie Review: Good Concept Fails Due To Weak Script And Performance | ‘Dhokha Round D Corner’ Movie Review: Suspense – If You Love Watching Thrillers, Then Here You Can Get Caught

Dhokha Round D Corner Movie Review: Good Concept Fails Due To Weak Script And Performance |  ‘Dhokha Round D Corner’ Movie Review: Suspense – If You Love Watching Thrillers, Then Here You Can Get Caught


oi-Neeti Sudha


the director- Kookie Gulati
artist- R Madhavan, Aparshakti Khurana, Khushali Kumar, Darshan Kumar

Sanchi, at gunpoint in the possession of terrorist Haq Gul, says, “There is a story…Sunoge! Once upon a time, lies and truth went somewhere. Lies said it was summer . Both bathed well, as soon as the truth took a bath.” I took a bath, the lie fled with all the clothes of truth. And since then lies have been wandering the world wearing the garments of truth. The whole world believes my husband’s words are true and I stand in this well as the truth.”

The thriller, woven around the battle of truth and lies, unfolds with fairly flat twists, when the “hoax” is finally exposed. At the climax, the director tries to leave you on a high note. The basic concept of this film is quite interesting. But to bring an idea to the big screen, certain things are needed, ie a good script and actors supporting the idea. “Cheat around the corner” is weak on both sides.



The story of the film follows the happy and laughing married life of Saarthik Sinha (R Madhavan) and Sanchi Sinha (Khushali Kumar). Time passes and the place of love between the two begins to grow jealousy, conspiracy, suspicion and hatred. The two somehow pull the car out of life when one day a terrorist, Haq Gul, breaks out of prison and hides in their house. At that time, there was only Sanchi in the house. Haq Gul holds her hostage and submits her claims to the police.

As the police plan to arrest the terrorist, Reality amazes them by revealing that Haq Gul’s hostage wife is a victim of delusional disorder. That is, by creating any story in his mind, he begins to believe that it is true. Knowing more about Sanchi, Police Inspector Malik (Darshan Kumar) tells the reality – “I don’t understand who is more dangerous above, Haq Gul or your wife..” On the other hand, Sanchi tells his story in Haq Gul, which is completely different from the real story. The film revolves around these four characters. All four have their own story and all the stories are completely opposite to each other. In such a situation, who is true, who is a liar. This episode takes the film to the end.

technical side

technical side

We have seen many such movies in the past that were shot in the same room or in a limited location. In such a situation, it becomes more important to bring strong dialogues and influential artists to bring their narrative to people. But Kookie Gulati’s film misleads audiences about that. The scenes of Khushali and Aparshakti imprisoned in a room keep repeating themselves. And that’s the reason why even a movie of only 1h52 seems too long. Truth be told, there’s no thrill anywhere in the story.

From the writing, from the production to the technical level, the film is average. Amit Roy’s cinematography adds nothing new to the story. Dharmendra Sharma’s editing could also have been a bit tighter. The film’s music is composed by Tanishk Bagchi, Rochak Kohli and Gaurav Dasgupta, which is below average. You can tell that after the first half hour, the movie runs pretty flat, where you keep expecting a strong moment.



The film is directed and scripted by Kookie Gulati. The film grabs your attention early on, especially as the characters are established. But upon reaching the interval, the story and the characters all start to falter. Also, especially the way the media was portrayed in the film, it seems utterly unnecessary. Neeraj Singh wrote the dialogues of the film, about which one speaks little, it is true.



The acting was one of the weak points of the film. There is no doubt that R Madhavan is a powerful actor and but it is quite surprising to see him here. Yes, here his character needed a bit more tweaking and maybe he himself figured it out during the filming himself. And the same applies to Darshan Kumar. Both don’t leave much of an impact in the film, which is disappointing for us as the audience. Aparshakti did a good job in the character of the terrorist Haq Gul. We can say that he was the most effective of the film. Meanwhile, Khushali Kumar made his Bollywood debut with this film. Story-wise, he had plenty of opportunities here to show off his acting prowess, but he disappointed here. From start to finish, only selected gestures are visible on the face.

Overall, “Dhokha Round D Corner” could have turned out to be an interesting suspense thriller, but the poor script made it too poor. 2 stars for Filmibeat’s ‘Dhokha’.

summary in English

R Madhavan, Aparshakti Khurana, Khushali Kumar and Darshan Kumaar’s starring film Dhokha Round D Corner will be released on September 23. This film made on a good concept results in a boring thriller because of a weak scenario.

Article first published: Friday, September 23, 2022, 2:42 am [IST]

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