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Dhvani Bhanushali’s Album Lagan Jadoo’s Song Celebrates Valentine’s Day



Publication Date: | wed 15 feb 2023 10:43 (IST)

This Valentine’s Day, Dhvani Bhanushali brings you a romantic dance track that is sure to make you swoon. This song is taken from Dhvani’s debut album “Lagaan” and the name of the song is “Jaadu”, which is sung by Dhvani and Ash King in his magic voice. The music for this song is given by Abhijeet Vaghani and the lyrics are written by Shlok Lal.

The song is about Pyaar Ke Khumaar, the music video for the song is modern and contemporary yet bright and vibrant. The video is directed by Piyush Shazia with Dhvani Bhanushali and Mir Tauseef. The music video for the song showcases the sizzling chemistry between the leads as well as Dhvani wearing versatile looks.

Dhvani Bhanushali on “Jaadu” says: “The album “Lagaan” presents the different phases of love. “Jadoo” shows how magical life is when you have one with you. This ‘Valentine’s Day’ is a love song for all listeners.”

Speaking about the song ‘Jadoo’ on the album ‘Lagaan’, composer Abhijeet Vaghani says, “When an album like ‘Lagaan’ is made with a versatile singer like Dhvani, I think we can explore the different forms of her singing. . , different tempos and different styles of songs to perform. It was very important to have “Ash King” as the male vocalist in this song. First of all, we wanted to remind the vibes “Mera Yaar”, and “Jaadu” ” There are also Afrobeats in this song, and who better to do with vocals in this song than Ash King. In ‘Jaadu’ I try to add vocal chops to parts of the sound that sound like a symphony.

Director duo Piyush-Shazia said, “We wanted to create a cool and dreamy music video for ‘Jaadu’, so you’ll see Dhvani in different looks in this song. The video contains nature-related elements that are visually stunning. is contemporary and instantly hooks up. The chemistry between Dhvani and Mir is sizzling. This is another great song from us and Dhvani.

Posted by: Arvind Dubey