Govinda’s nephew Vinay Anand mixed in this way fans said the vibe was chill

Govinda’s nephew Vinay Anand mixed in this way fans said the vibe was chill

bhojpuri movies Vinay Anand, the superstar of K and Govinda’s nephew, is among the illustrious and legendary actors. He has also made headlines with his acting in many Bhojpuri films so far. Vinay Anand has worked with many top Bhojpuri stars. Filled with great talent and a friendly demeanor, Vinay Anand is very active on social media and often gives fans “daily doses” in his own style to stay connected with his fans. Also this time, Vinay Anand shared a funny video from the recording studio on his account of the indigenous social media platform Koo App (Koo), in which he is seen mingling with his music composer and making his obligated fans laugh. to put.

Having fun with my composer after recording the song in the recording studio.

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— Vinay Anand (@vinayand) July 21, 2022

vinay anand funny video

In the video you can see Vinay Anand wanting to learn how to sing from his music composer and when the music composer started making him practice singing the music didn’t start but teaching Vinay Anand the composer of music lost its sweat. While commenting on this video, a fan of Vinay Anand joked that my mood got refreshed after listening to your song.

With that, seeing the rain of fan comments on this video of Vinay, it seems like his fans don’t care if Vinay Anand comes to sing or not, but he must have burst out laughing. If we talk about Vinay Anand’s work front, then he is ready to make a comeback in the world of Bollywood with his upcoming movie “Makaan”. For this, it is also in a lot of discussions these days. ‘Shershah’ actress Manmeet Kaur is going to be seen in the lead role alongside him in the film.

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