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Here’s what Ranveer Singh taught Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor on the sets of The Big Picture



Ranveer Singh with Sara Ali Khan and Jhanvi Kapoor big picture.


  • Sara and Jhanvi reached the sets of The Big Picture
  • Ranveer and Sara seen in ‘Simmba’
  • “What is this?” Ranveer asked Sara and Jhanvi

New Delhi:

Janhvi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan are here to teach us.”unique eye-catching“We’re not bluffing. Seriously. He even has a company. Can you guess, who? Ranveer Singh is. Now, if you’re struggling to connect the dots, please stop. We’ll do it.” Sara and Janhvi appeared in Ranveer’s quiz show big picture. And, all three exploded. So, how did it all start? In a promo shared by the makers, both the actresses are seen trying their hand in the blink of an eye. But, on whom? Of course Ranveer.

The video opens for Janhvi Kapoor, who says, “listened [Listen]”And blinks at the actor. And, we can hear the song kill your eyes in the background. Then, Ranveer Singh asks Sara Ali Khan to do the same. And, he did so but in his mischievous style. After seeing her, Ranveer asks, “What is this?” While Janhvi Kapoor tries to defend Sara, Ranveer takes matters into his own hands and says, “I’ll show you the difference.” Decoding Sara’s wink, the actor says, “Let’s steal money from the bank [Hey, let us go and steal some money from a bank]”Hi God. We can’t stop laughing after this.

Won’t make you wait Here is the clip:

We have another promo of the special episode in store. We see Sara Ali Khan opening the show for the audience by giving a signature introduction speech. After this, she invites Janhvi Kapoor on stage. Moments later, Ranveer Singh makes an appearance. But, there is a twist. His hands are tied. Oops. Sara and Janhvi, you should have tied her in a better way. jokes apart. Moments later, we see two women playing a “game of skill” with Ranveer. Rule? A die needs to be rolled and the side that comes out on top will be the style of play. For Sara and Janhvi, it was a “tongue twister”. Later, Jhanvi is seen teaching belly dance to Ranveer and Sara.

big picture Premiered on 16 October. The show airs on weekends at 8 pm.


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