Kaali Poster: Leena Manimekalai insulted the deities with the Kali poster.

Kaali Poster: Leena Manimekalai insulted the deities with the Kali poster.

Publication date: | Mon 04 Jul 2022 11:49 (IST)

Attach: Recently, people got angry after seeing the poster of filmmaker Leena Manimekalai’s documentary film “Kaali”. Calling it a case of blasphemy, there is a request to arrest Leena immediately. In this poster for the released movie, Kali Maa is shown smoking a cigarette. Not only that, but the black mother was also shown an LGBTQ flag in her hand. Leena shared this poster on Twitter on July 2. Leena is trolled a lot on social networks. As soon as this poster came out, Leena was accused of hurting religious feelings. At the same time, they oppose it.

Demand to stop Lina

Indeed, on July 2, Indian filmmaker Leena Manimekalai shared the poster for her documentary film Kali. In addition to sharing the poster, he also informed that his documentary had been launched at the Canadian Film Festival. Along with all of this, Leena also said how excited she was about it. He named this documentary as Kali. In the poster he shared, Maa Kali is shown smoking a cigarette. Seeing this, social media users are quite furious. Additionally, in the poster, Maa Kali’s trident is shown in one hand and the flag of the LGBTQ community is shown in the other hand.

Users furious after seeing the poster

After seeing the poster of this documentary on Leena, people are very angry. They demand Lena’s arrest. They accuse Leena of hurting religious religious feelings by making various comments on this poster. One user wrote that “every day the feelings of the Hindu religion are hurt.” They test our patience. Meanwhile, a user demanded action on the poster and film, tagging Amit Shah to PMO. Meanwhile, another user said, “Can we show gods from other religions smoking like this?” Another accused of hurting the feelings of the Hindu religion.

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