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Kajol reveals a ‘secret’ about Ajay Devgn



Kajol has shared this photo with Ajay Devgan. (Image courtesy: Kajol)


  • Kajol recently shared some unknown things about Ajay
  • “There are some secrets that not everyone knows about Ajay,” she added
  • “One of them is that he’s a brilliant cook,” she said.

New Delhi:

Did you know that Ajay Devgn has OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)? This is one of the “few secrets” about the actor that his wife, actress Kajol revealed in a recent segment Into the Wild with Bear Grylls. Ajay Devgn, who is best known for his action films, will be seen in a in forest The episode with Bear Grylls airs tomorrow on Discovery+. Talking about some unknown facts about the 52-year-old actor, Kajol said that he is a “fantastic cook” and also that he is “borderline OCD about touching anything with his fingers”. Because according to the actor, he just “can’t get the smell out of his fingers.”

Kajol said, “Let me start by saying that there are some secrets about Ajay that not everyone knows. One of them is that he is a brilliant cook. And number two is that he can’t help anyone with his fingers. OCD is about even touching anything.” Another added in a statement: “According to him, it’s because he can’t get the smell out of his fingers. Whatever that means!”

And due to Ajay Devgn’s OCD, Kajol wants to see him “touching and eating the tastiest, thickest, thinnest thing” on his adventurous journey with Bear Grylls. She added: “My challenge for him is to make him touch and eat the stinkiest, grossest, thinnest thing I can think of on Bear Grylls and let me see if he lives up to it.”

in his special episode for in forestIn this, Ajay Devgn will be seen navigating through the high seas with Bear Grylls and exploring a remote island in the Indian Ocean surrounded by sharks and other dangers.

Ajay Devgn and Kajol first met on the sets of the film in 1995 stir And got married in February in 1999. Kajol and Ajay starred together Gundaraj, Ishq, Dil Kya Kare, Raju Chacha, Pyaar Toh Hona Hona Hai And Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior.


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