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Karan Kundrra Admits He Is An “Avid” Of Tejashwi Prakash



from now on bigg boss 15. (Image courtesy: ColorTV)


  • Open conversation between Karan and Tejashwi on Monday
  • They revealed that they are fond of each other
  • Karan said that he does not want to see Tejashwi move from the jungle block.

New Delhi:

Is romance in the air in the Bigg Boss 15 house? OK, it sure seems like it. We are not talking about the relationship between Misha Iyer and Ishaan Sehgal which has managed to grab everyone’s attention in the first week of the show itself. It is a candid conversation between housewives Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash which has led fans to speculate that the two might be on their way to develop a special bond. in Monday’s episode bigg boss 15, Karan and Tejashwi were seen having a candid conversation in which they revealed that they are fond of each other.

While there was no explicit mention of the two having romantic feelings for each other, Karan Kundrra revealed that he “loves her a lot” and didn’t want to see Tejasswi Prakash away from each other. Forest to-home section home section, last week.

The confession came on the heels of Tejashwi Prakash saying that she was upset that she was not able to meet Karan Kundrra in the past few days. She said, “I’ve been feeling a little distant from you for a few days now. It’s getting a little difficult to communicate with you, to approach you or to deal with you. It’s annoying at times. We never talked together. This will probably be our first footage together. [I think this is the first time our footage will come together]”

Stating that the people around Karan Kundrra were acting regional, Tejashwi said, “I thought it would be cool when you said that our vibes match and we talk together. But that’s not happening.”

Responding to this, Karan Kundra said, “I love you very much. i have expression issue [I have an issue with expressing my feelings]. I was not happy when you went inside the house. Remember you, I was making a face too. It took me a long time to actually say, ‘Teju, I miss you so much.'”

Karan Kundrra also said that he would never be able to have such a conversation in front of a third person, to which Tejashwi Prakash also agreed. She also asked Karan why he didn’t come to know how she was feeling when she was upset. To this, Karan said that whenever someone tries to deal with him or inadvertently hurt him during the task, he will be the first to protect him.

Explaining that he will be there for her in future as well, Karan Kundrra said that he will be more vocal. “You are you…I am telling you that I need to be empowered. So now that you know, I will be there for you.” To this Tejashwi said, “Of course you can,” referring to being able to approach him for a conversation.

Clips of the conversation were shared on social media by a fanpage of Karan Kundrra. You can watch it here:

Fans of the stars have started celebrating the prospect of a relationship coining the moniker ‘Tejran’ for the two. We can’t wait to see how this equation progresses in the meantime. Big Boss 15. Let us know what you think about this conversation between Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash.


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