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Karan Kundrra’s ‘crush’ on Tejashwi Prakash



from now on bigg boss 15. (Image courtesy: ColorTV)


  • Akasa said that she thinks someone in the house has a crush on Karan Kundrra
  • He said this while pointing to Tejashwi
  • To this Karan says, “No. I have a crush.”

New Delhi:

Love is in the air bigg boss 15 House. While Ishaan Sehgal and Misha Iyer’s amazing chemistry has been in the news for the past few weeks, another romance is in sight. Actors Karan Kundrra and Tejashwi Prakash have been making headlines for some time now for their growing closeness. The two are being loved for their jokes and funny conversations on the show, even as fans have coined the nickname Tejran for the couple. Now, adding to this chatter is a conversation between Karan Kundrra and housewife Akasa Singh, during which Karan confesses that he has a crush on Tejashwi Prakash.

The two were seen having an animated chat after the lights were turned off Big Boss House. Akasa Singh starts the conversation by saying that she thinks someone in the house has a crush on Karan Kundra, pointing to Tejashwi. To this Karan says, ‘No. I have a crush,” and when Akasa asks who he’s talking about, he says, “You know who,” pointing to Tejashwi. He continues, “Is she a little bit in comedy life? (He is funny). damn cute Oh my Godhandjob good prisoner (She’s cute and a good girl)”

Akasa then takes a jibe at Tejasswi, who blushingly asks her to stop doing it. Akasa Singh further says that she felt that only Tejashwi had feelings for her. However, Karan says that he feels nothing is on his side. But Akasa says she can bet that the feeling is mutual.

Watch the video here:

A few weeks back, Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash sent fans into a heartfelt chat with each other. Tejashwi said, ‘I am feeling a little away from you for a few days. It’s getting a little more difficult to communicate with you, to approach you, or to deal with you.

Karan Kundrra then revealed that he “loves her a lot”. He said that he did not want to see Tejashwi Prakash moving away from the forested part of the house. home section, last week. He continued, “I love you very much. i have expression issue [I have an issue with expressing my feelings]. I was not happy when you went inside the house. Remember you, I was making a face too. It took me a long time to actually say, ‘Teju, I miss you so much.'”

bigg boss 15 Hosted by Salman Khan and Rajeev Adatiya was seen joining the show as a wild card contestant on Monday.


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