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By Puri


Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha Says Entering World Of 1950s Kolkata For Vikramaditya Motwane Period Romance


was a difficult but rewarding experience. The first look of the film, unveiled today, shows a black and white image of Sonakshi and actor Ranveer Singh together in a taxi.

Sonakshi saw the rushes of the film and was absolutely blown away by the rushes of

, which is inspired by O Henry’s famous story ‘The Last Leaf’. ,Lootera
was the hardest filming experience for me so far. In terms of character, look, performances, places… Everything had to belong to an era that I knew nothing about. There were times during filming I would wake up and be like ‘why am I doing this?’ But when Vikramaditya showed me the trailer and some rushes of the movie, I got my answer right there. Every fight was worth it. I loved what I saw and can say this is probably my best performance so far. I felt like I was seeing another actress from another era on screen. Vikram transformed me…” Sonakshi said.

The intense love story is quite a departure for Sonakshi who, until now, has been among the pots of Bollywood as


Rowdy Rathor


Son of Sardar


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