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Maniesh Paul’s podcast shows Sudesh Lehri’s talk on the history of SLAP-stick comedy. Sudesh Lahiri reveals two slaps that changed his life in Maniesh Paul’s podcast






In the latest episode of Maniesh Paul’s podcast, Sudesh Lahiri, one of India’s most popular and entertaining comedians, reveals the story behind Do Thappad, which has been hailed as the most eventful event of his life that launched his career into shape.

In a candid conversation with Maniesh Paul, Sudesh Lahiri spoke about the most humiliating but unavoidable incidents of his life which were the biggest learnings of his professional career. At the start of his work, Sudesh Lahiri performed in the orchestra for a living, however, in a tragic incident, the comedian was slapped by a man who chose to pursue a career as an actor in Sudesh. passion.

Manish Paul, Sudesh Lehri

Shocked by the incident, Sudesh Lahiri decided not to do any orchestras until he achieved stardom. Junoon inspired him to create his own tape, which turned out to be a hit, opening the doors to stardom in the Punjabi industry. However, the turning point in his life was the laughter challenge, which earned him the popularity he deserved.

The second Thappad was actually with his professional better half – Krushna Abhishek! However, it was not a dispute or a breakup. It turns out that Sudesh often forgot his dialogues on stage, in one performance Krishna slapped him to generate laughter as Sudesh forgot his dialogues. Thappad emerged as his distinctive identity, Sudesh Lahiri was unhappy with this style and often tried to convey the same to Krishna.

Manish Paul, Sudesh Lehri

But then the game fell into the hands of Sudesh Lahiri. When Sudesh Lahiri once slapped Krushna Abhishek who was also seen by Maniesh Paul. After this Thappad, Krishna dropped the Thappad identity and tried other settings, nonetheless, Krishna-Sudesh remains one of Indian TV’s most iconic and favorite comedy duos. Recently, Krushna Abhishek also appeared on The Maniesh Paul podcast which caused quite a stir as the episode featured Krishna’s first public apology to his superstar uncle Govinda. Later, Govinda also became a part of the podcast in a separate episode talking about her relationship with Krishna.

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summary in English

Maniesh Paul podcast shows Sudesh Lehri’s speech on the history of SLAP-stick comedy, read here in detail

Article first published: Wednesday, August 3, 2022, 8:30 a.m. [IST]

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