Popular playback singer Neha Kakkar came to tear in Superstar Singer 2. Neha Kakkar started crying on Superstar Singer 2 sets

Popular playback singer Neha Kakkar came to tear in Superstar Singer 2. Neha Kakkar started crying on Superstar Singer 2 sets



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This weekend, Sony Entertainment Television’s “Superstar Singer 2” reality show is special in many ways. This time, Neha Kakkar will join Superstar Singer 2’s super judge on some of Bollywood’s most iconic songs. It will indeed be a joyous pleasure to see the children enchanting the stage with their melodious voices!

Desh Ka Raja Betaa, who has now won everyone’s hearts, will be seen giving a jaw-dropping performance to Mani’s hit song “Mahi Ve” from Dharamkot, special guest and singing sensation Neha Kakkar . Mani’s singing will not only fill her heart with happiness, but will also bring Neha Kakkar to tears as she was very impressed with her singing.

Amazed by Mani’s excellent voice, Neha Kakkar shared, “I was watching Mani and his family, they are very lovely people. I could feel the hard work of Mani’s parents, which was reflected in Mani’s voice in his parenthood Whatever his parents did to give Mani a better life, it showed in his performance.

Neha Kakkar

Mahi Ve is my song and I performed this song in thousands of concerts but I can say that I will never be able to sing like you sang Mani today. And I learned that he had never had any formal singing training. But, Mani, you sang very well.” Congratulating Mani’s family, Neha Kakkar said, “Before Mani’s performance, Mani’s family and I congratulated each other, and Mani’s sister is very nice. Aradhana’s (Mani’s sister) smile not only made my day but also my life. It was nice to meet her and if Rohan and I plan to have a baby in the future, we would like her to be like Mani’s sister.

Impressed by Neha Kakkar’s praise for Mani, her father will be moved as he talks about his family’s struggles and how Mani was the guiding force in his life. Listening to Mani’s father, Neha will also reveal that her family also went through a similar situation and they finally overcame it together.

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Popular playback singer Neha Kakkar came to tear in Superstar Singer 2, read here in detail

Article first published: Thursday, August 18, 2022, 1:33 p.m. [IST]

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