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Ranveer Singh Nude Photoshoot Bollywood Reaction: Who Said What In Bollywood About Ranveer Singh Nude Photoshoot



Ranveer Singh Nude Photoshoot Bollywood Reaction: Ranveer Singh surprised everyone by giving her a nude photoshoot for a magazine. Now this photo shoot of her is being discussed everywhere. Ranbir did this photo shoot for Paper magazine, in which he is seen posing in an elegant style while being naked. Bollywood celebrities gave different reactions to this.

Poonam Pandey said you defeated me in my own work. It is known that Poonam Pandey often discusses her nude photos and related statements.

Swara Bhaskar tweeted about Ranveer Singh’s daring photoshoot for a magazine. He asked people not to make his photographs a “moral issue”.

Bengali actress and politician Mimi Chakraborty has reacted to the actor’s bold images on social media. He wondered if the woman posing in similar images would get the same response. Mimi tweeted on Friday, “Netizens got active with Ranveer Singh’s photoshoot and most of the comments were fire emojis. If it had been a woman, would the compliment have been the same, or would you have fired her house, threatened to kill her and would have shamed her.”

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Users chat on social networks

At the news of Ranveer’s nude photo shoot, users are also having fun on social media. One user wrote on Ranveer’s photo, that’s all there was to it. Many people also drag Ranveer for this job and call him Mowgli. One user even wrote that Deepika Padukone didn’t donate clothes. Meanwhile, some users also described Ranveer’s nude photoshoot as furious. Besides, after seeing these photos of Ranveer, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that there is no word named impossible in his dictionary.


Before Ranveer Singh, actor Rahul Khanna also made headlines by performing a nude photoshoot. Everyone was impressed even after seeing Rahul’s picture. From Malaika Arora to Neha Dhupia also reacted to Ranveer’s photo.

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