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Rupali Ganguly recalls being a waitress at a party her father was invited to




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Rupali Ganguly is one of the most popular actresses in the television industry. He has a huge fan following. Even before “Anupama” series, she appeared in some series including “Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai”. But, before this successful acting career, he also struggled a lot. Recently, while speaking to ‘Humans of Bombay’, Rupali Ganguly recalled her wrestling days which,

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How her father always helped her and her husband Ashwin always encouraged her. He also shared how his father also struggled in his career during his teenage years. They said,

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Rupali Ganguly, Anupama, Rupali Ganguly, Anupama

“Dad was a national award-winning director and my biggest hero. When his movies came along, everyone loved stars like Rajesh Khanna but I used to say Dad is a real star.

Work carried out from the shop to the restoration

She said, “After school, I used to go to film sets and watch every frame of film shoots made under his direction. During this time, it is not known how the heroine turned out. Once the actress left Dad’s movie and he brought me into the movie, just at the age of 12, the gambling bug hit me. But, soon two Papa films failed and everything changed. I also did boutique catering. I was a waiter at a party where my dad was the guest.

Rupali Ganguly, Anupama, Rupali Ganguly, Anupama

The husband gave the idea of ​​the television

Rupali Ganguly further stated that she also did commercials and during that time she met her husband Ashwin. Rupali Ganguly said: “My husband Ashwin told me to try television, and I thought why not! My dad helped me do good acting. After four years I had ‘Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’ and then none of us knew it would be such a big hit. We just had fun. Even now Satish Kaka calls and takes care of me and Ratna Ben brings a gift for my son after every trip. We have become like a family on the show.

Incredible return of Anupama

Rupali Ganguly returned to television after a long time with the series ‘Anupama’ and this show has been the first choice of the public since its inception. The show also remains on top in the TRP game. People are giving him a lot of love even in the second run of acting.

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summary in English

Rupali Ganguly remembers that she was a waitress at a party where her father was invited. She talks about her difficult days.

Article first published: Friday, July 22, 2022, 11:11 a.m. [IST]

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