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Swara Bhaskar Marriage: New controversy over Swara Bhaskar if one accepts Islam first



Marriage of Swara Bhaskar: A controversy has erupted on the internet media over the marriage of party leader Samajwadi Fahad Ahmed and Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar. Islamic scholar Yasir Nadeem Al Wajidi from Chicago, USA said this marriage may be legally correct, but it is not Islamic.

Kindly inform that Swara had informed about her marriage two days ago. The actress said that on January 6, she filed for a court marriage and after 40 days they legally became husband and wife.

Yasir tweeted – If Swara Bhaskar is not Muslim and her husband is Muslim then this marriage is not Islamically valid. Allah says don’t marry polytheistic women unless they believe in Islam. Even if she only accepts Islam for marriage, it will not be accepted by Allah.

On the other hand, the famous RJ Saima, while defending Swara-Fahad’s marriage, questioned the opinion of an Islamic scholar. Saima said your Quran example is correct but you gave unwanted advice. Did Swara or Fahadh ask you? We must stop imposing and let people do it. Allah will not ask you for anything.

Kangana Ranaut congratulated on her marriage

Kangana Ranaut expressed her joy at Swara Bhaskar’s marriage by tweeting. The actress wrote, “You both look happy and blessed. It’s the grace of God…Marriages are made in hearts, rests are formalities. Like Kangana, others have also congratulated Swara.

Swara and Fahad met at a political rally. On February 17, Swara shared photos from the wedding ceremony on Twitter. The actress revealed that she is now preparing for ‘Shehnai Wali Shaadi’.

Posted by: Arvind Dubey