Vikram Veda: Hrithik Roshan expresses happiness at the 25th film of his career

Vikram Veda: Hrithik Roshan expresses happiness at the 25th film of his career

Publication date: | Thu Sep 22, 2022 1:09 PM (IST)

Indian superstar Hrithik Roshan is an entertainment package and whenever his movie comes out, the whole nation waits for his movies to hit theaters. The superstar is celebrating his 25th movie with Vikram Vedha and recently promoted the same movie, which is Hrithik Roshan’s 25th movie HR25.

Recently, she shared a video of herself at the Alcoholia song launch event on her social media. In the video, the superstar is seen talking about how with Vikram Vedha the film marks his 25th movie. He said, “This is my 25th film, and the love and enthusiasm from the audience is really important to me. I think we should watch the work first, talk later!” In this we can see that a huge crowd gathers for Hrithik Roshan and his dance. This show was thrilling.

Along with that, in the caption, he wrote, “One is the fun of being a picture…and the other is the fun of sitting with y’all and experiencing it.”

Days like these strengthen my purpose as an actor ️♥️”

Recently, Vikram Veda trailer was released and it is attracting love from people from all sides. Hrithik Roshan grabbed everyone’s attention with the latest song Alcoholia, which rocked the internet. Since the release of this song, its strong and appealing moves have become a hot topic of discussion.

Apart from that, the superstar is also making headlines for his upcoming film Fighter with Deepika Padukone.

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