Master Review: Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi make a winning combination

Respected teacher Review: Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi (courtesy actor) on a poster

Director: Lokesh Kangraj

cast: Vijay, Vijay Sethupathi, Malavika Mohanan, Shantanu Bhagyaraj, Arjun Das, Nassar, Andrea Jeremiah

Rating: 3 stars (out of 5)

A great deal of superfluity creep Vijay the Master (Title of Tamil version of Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Tamil language Respected teacher, Continued) and contributes to a film that feels dramatically bloated in parts. It is often clear that the screenplay of Kanagaraj, Ratna Kumar and Pon Parthiban may be with some sorting.

But Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi participated in an exciting thriller, and Kanagaraja orchestrated the duo with such proportions, which would enable him to give equal importance to the two actors, the film twisting the turtle and hitting the bumps.

You know you’re in pure victory zone, when the action hero sends a hip-flask sliding across the platform of the metro station to close the train door and protect the rogues from his ire. You are not going to spend much water on small things here. just go with the flow.

Explain that infectious energetic Vijay Krone A Kutty (Short) story (in the superbly choreographed jailhouse song) but Vijay the Master Anything but ‘little’. Nor is the film mastered by any kind of backlash. Despite the constant momentum that Kannaraj, editor Philomin Raj and cinematographer Sathyan Soyoran lend to the project, which integrates easy-to-follow popular story code with a popular drama that faces an immense drama load Can.

Particularly striking is the way in which Vijay the Master Plays from the protagonist’s arc against the villain, while skillfully connecting them through a lively rhythm of back-and-forth contradictions between the two different worlds that the couple represents.

In an important ‘turning point’ scene in the film, one of the two individuals says to each other: “I’m not telling you anything new, but hear me out, I’m waiting.” One half of the film is left at this point and we find ourselves in the mood to wait and see how the rest pan out.

Altogether, Vijay the Master Nothing new, but it is definitely worth listening to. This finishes their action sequences that bring out the mental and physical characteristics of the two men. Both have a habit of sniffing in the lap of their shirt amidst fighting, but no one can be as dissatisfied as the two men. Vijay turns around his opponents until he turns them on Hard In arms of crime; Bhavani literally blew him with the power of his iron fist.


JD Sir (Vijay), an alcoholic college professor, praised by his students for his easygoing ways, but disliked by management for his temperament, is an idealistic, if seriously flawed, single. Starting with the grand entry sequence, Thalapathi Vijay has a qualitative quality of everything with the introduction of swinging in a bus and metro train to prevent the two aristocratic sons of a wealthy man from moving to Canada.

6 arc 83

Respected teacher Review: Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi on a poster

The drunken JD has another ritual and the college students who have suspended them have to resort to music to bring the man back to life. It is not until well into the second half that viewers are allowed to know why JD hit the bottle.

JD writes stories about abortive love affairs but they are all borrowed from films stored in his memory. He tries to overcome Jack and Rose’s affair with James Cameron’s Titanic as his own love story.

For this noble, well-meaning drifter is the uber-evil Bhavani (Vijay Sethupathi), an orphan like Jedi. At the age of 17 (played by Chhoti Bhavani Mahendran), in Nagercoil, she witnesses her lorry driver father and her mother being burnt alive by truck association rivals.

Nirdaya Bhavani, who lives in the transport business, neither drinks nor takes drugs, but runs a criminal empire that is in government observation through a network of her colleagues within and outside the center of children at home Exploits No one has seen Bhavani in the observation house – he operates from the shadows.

JD is taken as the master of intoxicating children due to circumstances. The work of improving them is very good. But we have a hero here, who, in combination with his kabaddi player personality in Gili, uses the game for Bhavani’s men, who have a free home run. One of Bhavani’s prominent figures played the role of Arjun Das, who was opposed to Kannaraja Kathy ()captive, 2019) – a fact referred to in the line (in Hindi), “I am a stray prisoner

JD and Bhavani interact only three times during the film’s three hours. The first conversation they have is at the halfway point and is entirely on a mobile phone by a henchman of Baddi. The second one, too, ends before looking at both of their faces. Bhavani has his back in JD, who has a sharp object on the vein of the former’s neck. The third face-off – now it’s all-out battle – is in its climax. It takes a long time to arrive, but it is a fitting finale to a classic, explosive struggle between good and evil. What’s more, it is punctured with sly humor and is rounded off with the nature of politics and the kind of comments that attract people these days.

Because Vijay does not come in full limelight, it is possible for writer-director Kanagaraj to give the second Vijay to the cast completely, which enhances the quality of the build-up. Accompanied by a villain (the man’s fist is due to the blow that he hits the wall of the observation house, where he faces daily brutal torture as a teen) primed to bring out the best – And the harshest in Nayak, – the great struggle in a slaughterhouse – one of Bhavani’s occupations is meat exports – is much more influential.


Respected teacher Review: Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi on a poster

The film features past productions of Vijay and Abhishek starring Kamal Haasan as their own, with hat-tips. The subsequent 1995 film, Namvar, In which Kamal played the role of a righteous college professor, is one of the inspirations Vijay the Master.

In a previous story, which tells Nasir (in a special appearance) to Charu, Selvam is mentioned as a professor Jedi when he was on a loose end and benefitted from the union. Kamal Haasan’s character in Namvar was of Pro Selvam.

There are a few women in the story – Vanita (Andrea Jeremiah, in a blistering and miss role of an archer Chamar), rookie Professor Charulata Prasad (Malvika Mohanan, who makes an impression and not just because she has a better defined big scheme of things. Place in; he charm and confidence) and Savita (Gauri Kishan), a student who wins the college election against the campus target Bhargava (Shantanu Bhagyaraj), is in a rivalry – which turns into romance.

Vijay the Master This is all well, but Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi form a winning combination. With a superb score by Anirudh Ravichander, here is a film which, for all its flaws, is keenly aware of the star power at its disposal and rarely hits punches under its own weight.



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