Rubina Dilac and Sonali Phogat in Loggerheads

Bigg Boss 14 Day 105 update: still from home. (Image courtesy: ColorsTV )


  • Contestants must earn ration by themselves
  • Now nobody will be chosen as the captain of the house
  • Housewives will no longer get immunity

new Delhi:

104th day in Big Boss By evening, the house took a violent form. Rubina Dilac and Sonali Phogat clash with each other after Abhinav Shukla breaks Sonali’s name tag. The two included each other’s families during their fight, after which the house was divided into two sides – those who favor Rubina (Abhinav, Nikki and Ellie) and others who favor Sonali (Rahul, Ejaz and Arshi ). Rubina accused Sonali of using bad language against her. Arshi tries to calm Sonali while Abhinav tries to catch wife Rubina. Meanwhile, Rakhi Sawant, who admitted that she likes Abhinav, tried to take the blame for saving her.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Big Boss Home, we found an example of this in tonight’s episode. When the householders forgot to keep pace with each other during the task, Bigg Boss made sure to teach them a lesson. Bigg Boss canceled the captaincy and immunity functions for the housewives and also announced that the contestants had to earn their rations. This has become a major setback for all, keeping in mind the immunity and captivity that has saved the housewives from ending.


Around mid-day, when Eli Gony asks Sonali why she is upset, Rakhi intervenes and says that someone has broken her heart. She also said that someone in the house called Sonali’s name and implicitly implied that it was Ellie, who then became furious. Pointing to the recent incident, Ellie said that Rakhi always plays the victim card due to her ‘invisible’ husband. He said that Rakhi’s affection for Abhinav is fake. Arshi also jumped up and called Rakhi a fake.

The next day, the fight between Rubina and Sonali continued – only this time Nikki too joined and tried to harass Sonali.

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