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Banks will be closed for 13 days in August. see full list



Here is the complete list of bank holidays for August 2022

Reserve Bank of India has released the list of bank holidays for August. According to the RBI calendar, banks will be closed for a total of 13 days in a month.

Both private and public banks are closed on gazetted holidays, statutory holidays and Sundays. Banks also do not work on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month.

Apart from these holidays, there are many regional festivals to be celebrated in the states. Local branches of banks in various states will also remain closed on such occasions.

You need to plan all your bank related works to avoid any inconvenience as banks will not work for almost half month in August. Online banking services will be available during the holidays.

Here is the complete list of bank holidays for August 2022:

August 1: Sunday

August 8: Sunday

August 14: Second Saturday

15 August: Sunday

22 August: Sunday

August 28: Fourth Saturday

29 August: Sunday

National and regional holidays:

August 1: Drukpa Tshe-zi (Sikkim)

8 and 9 August: Muharram

11th and 12th August: Raksha Bandhan

August 13: Patriots Day

15 August: Independence Day

16 August: Parsi New Year (Shahenshahi)

August 18: Janmashtami

19 August: Shravan Vad/Krishna Jayanti

August 20: Shri Krishna Ashtami

29 August: Date of Shrimant Sankardev

August 31: Samvatsari (Chaturthi Paksha) / Ganesh Chaturthi / Varsiddhi Vinayak Vrat / Vinayaka Chaturthi

Banks will remain closed across the country only on the occasion of Independence Day on 15th August. Other regional holidays include Ganesh Chaturthi, Janmashtami, Shahenshahi and Muharram.


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