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Center asks states with surplus power to serve their customers first instead of selling them out



Center has asked states with surplus power to meet the needs of their consumers before selling them out

With many parts of the country facing power crisis, the Center has directed states with adequate supply to serve their own customers before selling power outside.

The direction was issued by the Ministry of Power after it was brought to the notice that many states indulge in load shedding and are not supplying electricity to their consumers. Besides, they are also selling electricity at exorbitant rates in the exchanges.

Citing the power allocation guidelines, the ministry has said that 15 per cent of the power from Central Generating Stations (CGS) is earmarked for “unallocated power”, which is allocated by the Center to the states, which need it urgently. it occurs.

The ministry said that the distribution companies are responsible for supplying electricity to the consumers and hence they should first serve their customers as they have the right to get uninterrupted supply.

In light of this fact, the Union Power Ministry has asked the distribution companies of those states which are indulging in load shedding and sale of power, not to sell power in exchanges and make their consumers suffer.

The power ministry has also said that states should first use the allocated power quota for supplying power to their consumers and if they have surplus power, they should inform the Center about it so that it can be returned to those states. can be allocated from those who need it. urgent basis.

The ministry has said that if any state is found selling electricity at high rates in the exchanges, then the allocated power quota of such states will be snatched and given to the needy states.


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