Crypto Credit Cards: How They Are Different

A crypto credit card lets the user spend cryptocurrency and also rewards in cryptocurrency.

Credit cards are considered a convenient way to make payments and make purchases when used judiciously. What about cryptocurrency credit cards? Like its traditional counterparts, the new kid on the block also rewards users but in cryptocurrencies. However, they are a bit more complicated.

What is a crypto credit card?

A crypto credit card lets the user spend cryptocurrency, and it rewards in cryptocurrency. There are debit cards in the crypto world too. Unlike a crypto debit card, a crypto credit card allows you to borrow from the card issuer and pay later. Not much different from the way traditional credit cards work. The big difference is that you pay back in crypto as well. The rewards, if any, will also come in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.


Different crypto credit cards reward users differently. The Gemini Credit Card rewards up to 3% payback in bitcoin. It is instantly credited to the Gemini account of the consumer.

BlockFi credit card users can earn 1.5% cash back in rewards across more than 10 types of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and ethereum included.

In the case of the SoFi credit card, reward points can be redeemed for either bitcoin or ethereum. The Venmo credit card, on the other hand, allows users to buy bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, or bitcoin cash with cashback earned from purchases.

With the Brex Business Card, users can spend reward points on Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Track your expenses

An important thing to keep in mind is that crypto cards are like traditional credit cards and failure or delay in paying back will attract high interest and late fees. These cards will also have some weight on your credit score. Annual fees apply, just like with traditional credit cards.

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