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Is bitcoin the new gold that could fund your festive purchases?



Billionaire Ray Dalio Said The World’s Largest And Oldest Cryptocurrency Was Like “Digital Gold”

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has increased in recent times. Bitcoin, being the most popular of all cryptocurrencies, has managed to gain the trust of many people around the world. Bitcoin and some altcoins can also be used to purchase goods and services. Historically, in times of economic crisis, people’s eyes have turned to gold. However, does the yellow metal still serve its purpose as an investment? In the past, some cryptocurrency enthusiasts have claimed that bitcoin was “digital gold”. For example, billionaire Ray Dalio. In an interview a few months ago, Dalio said that the world’s largest and oldest cryptocurrency was like “digital gold.”

But despite the unprecedented boom in the digital currency market over the past year, the question remains whether bitcoin is really digital gold or just a fantasy.

cryptocurrency in india

The growing popularity of cryptocurrency is attracting people from different corners of the world and India is no exception. Many companies here have started accepting cryptocurrencies as an exchange for goods and services. Bitcoin and Ethereum are entering mainstream trading practices for these companies. Festivals play an important role and special place in the life of Indians. The festive season is the time to buy new things.

With the increasing interest in bitcoin, can we say that this is the new gold that can fund your festive purchases? Well, in India, there are some companies that accept bitcoin. So, let’s take a look at some of those companies, and also find out how you can make the most of your bitcoin holdings when it comes to spending during the festive season.

Where can you use bitcoin this festive season?

Sooryavanshi Restaurant: Food plays an important role in any Indian festival. It is almost synonymous with festivals. The festive season in India is also the time when people visit restaurants with friends or family to taste some good delicious food. If you go to Suryavanshi Restaurant in Bengaluru, you don’t have to worry about paying by cash or card, as long as your cryptocurrency is intact. You can pay your bills using cryptocurrency.

Unocoin: This festive season, if you want to gift vouchers to your loved ones or friends, Unocoin is the place for you. If you own bitcoin, you can buy gift vouchers from many brands. You only need to register as a Unocoin user to purchase vouchers.

Highkart: During festivals like Dussehra and Dhanteras many people buy electronic items like cameras, mobiles etc. Highkart accepts payment in bitcoin for the purchase of products from its site.

Wallets: This is yet another online store that allows you to pay via bitcoin. You can also convert bitcoins in wallets to gift cards.

So, while there is a debate over bitcoin being digital gold, and one day cryptocurrencies replacing traditional money, for the time being, when you go on a festive buying spree, the above mentioned companies will have their own Use bitcoin holdings. Season.


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