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Ku user base reaches 15 million, eyes Southeast Asia expansion next year



Kuo eyes expansion in Southeast Asian market in 2022

Homegrown microblogging platform Ku’s user base has now reached around 15 million, with 50 lakh users added in the last quarter, said its co-founder Apramaya Radhakrishna.

With plans to venture into a new market in Southeast Asia after June 2022, Ku will maintain its intense focus on the Indian market, while engaging more users.

The Indian microblogging platform, which has enjoyed a huge increase in usage, is currently also available in Nigeria, a market that “keeps on growing”.

In an interview, Mr. Radhakrishna said that overall, the platform has now garnered around 15 million downloads, with 5 million added in the last quarter.

“We have seen rapid growth. We are making sure that whatever India celebrates, be it language or culture, resonates on the ku… be it cricket, politics, movies, spiritual leaders and their followers Everything is being celebrated on Ku. in their (users’) languages,” said Shri Radhakrishna.

The platform, earlier this year, entered the Nigerian market. The platform, earlier this year, entered the Nigerian market.

“Nigeria is growing organically. We are taking this time to understand the cultural aspects of Nigeria, and it continues to grow”, said Mr. Radhakrishna.

India will continue to be the primary focus of the forum. As far as international expansion is concerned, Koo is looking forward to cementing its presence in Nigeria and other African countries.

“For elaboration, we will also experiment with a country in Southeast Asia (see) … We have not chosen the country, but we would certainly like to enter another market … Said.

When asked which locations could be in the reckoning as Ku plans to enter a new market, Radhakrishna said Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines were among the promising markets. Kuo will study various markets and finalize his choice closer to the date.

Providing a microblogging experience in local languages ​​and for local language speakers has been Kuo’s specialty.

“The basis for entering any market is whether there is a vernacular aspect important to their community and culture. Those are the countries we will be entering,” said Mr. Radhakrishna.

Founded by Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidavatka, Koo was launched last year to allow users to express themselves and engage on the platform in Indian languages.

It supports multiple languages ​​including Hindi, Telugu and Bengali.


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