RBI wishes for strong dollar for Horden Dollar Test Playbook

The mean of Bloomberg’s survey suggests that the rupee may strengthen to $ 72.50

The bets on the Indian rupee’s rebound are already in the news this year.

The Reserve Bank of India recently indicated that it would not depend on dollar purchases that pushed the currency below Asia’s currency rankings in 2020. Analysts speculate that the rupee is expected to rise for the first time in four years, the RBI may slow down after the stockpile hit record highs as its foreign exchange accumulated.

Khoon Goh, head of research at New Zealand & Banking Banking Group Ltd in Australia, said the RBI’s comments suggested that in 2020, the central bank would have issued a total amount of about $ 120 billion in 2021. “Continued FX intervention will reduce the number of regional currencies,” he said.


Reserve Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das said on Saturday that emerging markets need to create reserves against external shocks, along with the risk of being included in the US watchlist for currency manipulation. India rejoined the list in December due to RBI’s continued foreign exchange purchases and a large goods trade surplus with the US

RBI officials are generally reticent about commenting on the country’s foreign exchange policy. This is just to prevent volatility from the RBI’s fifteen-year plus stance, Indranil Sen Gupta and Aastha Gudwani, economists at Bank of America, wrote in a note.

Das’s comments also made headlines for rapid rupee trading from banks including Nomura Holdings Inc., with a report last week stating that the Indian currency could overtake the Indonesian rupiah as the RBI appreciated it in the backdrop of positive flows May allow to do. Deutsche Bank AG also recommended buying the rupee against the Philippine peso.

The Bloomberg survey estimates that the rupee could strengthen to $ 72.50 by the end of the year. It has risen 0.1% so far to 73.03 in 2021 after three straight years of decline. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. commends it to 70 by March 2022.


There is pressure to increase rupee on heavy foreign arrivals. However, it signals the central bank to mop excess dollars with the aim of keeping the local exchange rate stable. Deutsche Bank expects to reach $ 82 billion by the end of the financial year by March before continuing at the same pace over the next 12 months.

Silver Lining

India’s foreign exchange reserves reached a record $ 586 billion. He continues to hold sway with Russia, which has the world’s fourth largest reserves. The greenback strengthened when Mizuho Bank Ltd. saw it having a positive impact for the rupee.

“The discretionary FX reserve building means that on a sudden episode of USD strength, the rupee will have greater flexibility,” said Vishnu Varathan, Singapore’s head of economics and strategy at the bank. He said that in the strong dollar scenario, and the rise in oil prices, the rupee may be better than peers such as the Indonesian Rupiah and the Philippine Peso.

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