Wealth management startup Tarakki offers diversified investment options with investment platform Smallcase

Founded in 2018, Startup – Tarakki is a comprehensive wealth management platform

Wealth management startup Tarakki on Thursday 22 July announced a strategic partnership with investment platform Smallcase to offer users a long-term equity portfolio. According to a statement shared by Tarakki, the partnership will allow investors to consider a well-diversified basket of stocks – with a multi-cap and multi-sector strategy chosen carefully. The startup’s association with a Bangalore-based fintech company is likely to offer its clients diverse investment options.

“Tarakki has simplified and modernized the way of investing by giving an alternative option to invest directly in a customized model portfolio. This partnership with Smallcase will help investors to invest wisely across a diversified basket of stocks, reducing the risk involved in investing in a single company or stock. The Smallcase integration makes equity investing easier for investors by expanding the pool of investment options that any user can have,” said Mr. Soumya Shah, Founder, Tarakki.

Founded in 2018, Startup – Tarakki is a comprehensive wealth management platform specially designed to make investing simple and hassle-free for first time investors. The new-age technology used by personal finance platforms allows its users to make regular, calculated investments in mutual funds, as well as peer-to-peer lending, depending on the individual’s goals and other factors such as age group, income, and risk appetite. The substance of

The startup also provides solutions to consumers and corporates, so that MSMEs can efficiently manage their working capital requirement and surplus cash.



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