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3 year old child found unhealthy chocolate cake in tiffin teacher sent note



The debate over child nutrition is a never-ending debate. There is often a fight between parents about whether children should be allowed fizzy drinks, sweets, chips, ice cream and other high-calorie foods. While some believe that it is okay to consume these foods in moderation, other parents avoid giving them up altogether. These differing ideologies were the subject of a recent post on Facebook, in which a 3-year-old was sent home in his tiffin box with a note for parents. The teacher wrote that the child had brought unhealthy food i.e. a piece of chocolate cake in his tiffin, so he was being advised through the note. Have a look:

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The post about a 3-year-old’s tiffin box was recently shared on Facebook by a page called The Healthy Mummy. It got thousands of likes, shares and retweets. “Your child has a chocolate slice from the ‘Red Food’ category today. Please choose the healthiest option for kids,” read the note. The category being mentioned is the Australian Government’s ‘Traffic Light’ system guideline which categorizes food into three different colors based on their health value. So, the green food category is the healthiest, while amber and red are generally preferred in limited portions.

The original photo was shared on Facebook by author Melinda Tankard Reist, and she narrated the incident experienced by her friend. “My friend (mother of 8 healthy babies, what’s related to number 7) got it from her 3-year-old today. I told her to put in two slices yesterday and let them go missing,” read the caption of the original post. “Just to add my friend makes everything from scratch for her kids including bread and serves fresh healthy food every day. Both my friend and her husband have degrees in health sciences,” she added in the comments.

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The debate over what to let children eat is endless.

Internet users were divided over the note sent in the tiffin box of a 3-year-old child. Some questioned the teacher’s note, saying, “I believe this is about teaching our kids size and portion control and not about denying sweets altogether.” Some even said that the note can have a negative effect on the psyche of the child. Another argued that the rules are there for a reason, “If they have color coding, the family knows what to send for lunch and what not. If the parents know, they have to stick to the rules.” Should stay or choose somewhere else.”

Which side’s argument do you agree with? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


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