5 Best Biryani Delivery Services in Mumbai


  • We have chosen the best biryani distribution-only locations in Mumbai.
  • Daawat-e-Biryani serves to numb 23 varieties of chicken biryani.
  • Biryani by kelo sends the best packed and presented biryani

While we didn’t really need a recent survey of delivery platforms to tell us how popular and truly miraculous a dish biryani is, and apparently ordered the dish during the number one lockdown — it’s always Desh Prem. Helps keep some empirical evidence and statistics to reinforce. For this. Interestingly, India’s most popular dish has its own underpinning, rather far. To be more precise in ancient Persia (today’s Iran)! While theories of its origins abound, a fact that in Persian language, rice is called “biryan”, others speculate that it originates from low and slow cooking methods, known as “baryan” “, Which makes it the best. Rather sweet name. But whatever its culinary conjecture, India’s vast and eclectic style of cuisine offers a plethora of fragrant biryani varieties that do well to refer to different regions, resulting in the temperamental variety of biryani iterations. From the raging heat of Hyderabadi biryani to the unusual kathal (jackfruit) biryani.

Here are 5 of the best biryani delivery locations in Mumbai:

1. Treating

Best Biryani Delivery in Mumbai: Dawat-e-Ruksariyat


This weekend’s only Biryani (and other Mughlai dishes) delivery service is the brainchild of home chef Ruksar Memon, whose delicious biryani was such a hit with friends, that he recently started distributing them all over Mumbai. While the menu varies every weekend, from a regular veg and non-veg kachchi and Bombay-style biryani (with extra spice and always potatoes) to interesting versions like the Arabic version chicken kassa biryani and mutton, expect to feast on everything Can. Keema Biryani.

Price: Biryani per kg Rs. 1499
On the side: chicken minced patis, velvet vegetable sheikh, foil chicken
Where: Jogeshwari
Call: 9930831336

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2. Biryani by Kiro


Best Biryani Delivery in Mumbai: Biryani by Kilo

By far the best packaged and presented biryani offering on this list, biryani by kilo (BBK) sends its food out in style! We are talking about those cute pottery with a sealed lid of flour shipped with mini dish stove with voted candles to heat the biryani on your table. Thus eliminating the need to transfer biryani to the serving dish. But coming to Biryani itself, BBK has got a lot of selection. Meat lovers can take Lucknowi, Hyderabadi and Kolkata-style biryani in both chicken or mutton variants as a bone-in and boneless. However, it is the vegetarian menu at BBK that always manages to wow us. From jackfruit (jackfruit) biryani to Peshawar chhole biryani, there are plenty of exotic dishes, regular mixed veggies and paneer dum biryani.

Price: Rs.625 per kg of biryani
Side: Paneer 65, Chicken Saak Kebab, Phirni
Where: Andheri East
Call: 9555212212

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3. Dawat-e-Biryani


Best Biryani Distribution in Mumbai: Dawat-e-biryani

Serving a mind-numbing 23 varieties of Chicken Biryani, Dawaat-e-Biryani only weekend-only (bulk orders are taken on weekdays only) by the talented Saif Sheikh. By digging into old family recipes for some biryani varieties such as dum biryani (both red and white versions), the sheikh stays true to its roots. But he also explores his experimental side with some real people. Take Sizzler Biryani and two Biryani for example, which are heavily influenced by Indian Chinese food – Dragon Biryani and Shezwan Sakh Biryani. But our vote would have to go for the green malai thojka tikka biryani and the smokey tandoori biryani for a glitter in portion size in taste and generosity.

Price: Biryani Rs 1200 per kg
Side: Chutney Kebab, Russian Cutlet, Bread Pudding
Where: Byculla
Call: 9987214243

4. Kachchi Memon Table


Best Biryani Delivery in Mumbai: The Kachchi Memon Table

A mix of Bombay Muslim, Kachchi Memoni and Bengaluru Muslim cuisine goes to Faizia Sommer’s The Kachchi Memon Table Biryani. Learning how to cook at an early age from her cookery class instructor aunt, Sommar, who grew up in Bangalore, is all about experimentation. And that’s why his biryani delivery menu has some unusual versions like white biryani and a delicious green spice-based fish biryani that uses micro-tasting pomfret fish.

Price: Rs 200,000 per kg for biryani
On the side: Nalli Nihari, Apricot Metha
Where: Bandra West
Call: 9820398922

5. Lucknow Chowk


Best Biryani Delivery in Mumbai: Lucknow Chowk


Focuses on traditional Lucknow-style biryani (in both vegetarian and meat-based versions), named Lucknowi Chowk as a five-month food delivery business. It was started by Nirban Goswami, who is originally an actor and his fiancée, singer Nandini Deb. Roasting its Bengali heritage, the pair also offers Kolkata-style biryani that includes eggs and potatoes in addition to meat and rice preparations.

Price: Rs. 5050 per share of biryani
Side: Mutton Kakori Kebab, Mutton Gallouti Kebab
Where: Goregaon West
Call: 9821538599

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