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5 best copper bottle and jug alternatives for water storage



In this day and age of modern technology, where UV filters and RO purifiers dominate the market, storing water in copper containers may seem too old-fashioned. But we need to bring back the traditional practice in our kitchen as copper utensils come with many health benefits. Water kept in a copper vessel is naturally purified as copper has the property of killing all the harmful bacteria present in the water. Additionally, it also has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties.

So, with all these health benefits, isn’t it obvious to add copper water containers to your kitchenware collection? Here are some of the best copper water pot options that you can consider for your next purchase. read on.

Here are 5 best copper water pots for water storage-

1. Crockery Wala & Co Leak Proof Copper Bottle

This pure copper bottle is lacquer coated which gives a smooth glossy finish as well as helps to increase the shelf life. The cap of this bottle forms a water-tight seal making it the only bottle to have an upside-down leak-proof design.

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2. Metal Mission Pure Copper Copper Water Jug

According to Ayurveda, water kept in a copper vessel helps to balance the three doshas in your body, which is why this copper water jug ​​is the perfect choice to store water. Moreover, it has a glossy and elegant finish that will elevate your dining table setup.

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3. Tambraz Elite Hand Crafted Copper Water Bottle

Store water in this pure copper water bottle overnight and drink it on an empty stomach the next morning to get the many therapeutic benefits of copper. Additionally, this sleekly designed copper water bottle is spill and leak-proof.

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4. Indian Art Villa Hammered Copper Jug Pitcher

The next option is the hand crafted copper jug ​​which comes with high health benefits. This beautifully imprinted design jug would be a great addition to your existing kitchenware.

5. Prestige Elements Copper Bedroom Bottle

Give your ordinary water a healthy twist with this Prestige copper bottle. Besides keeping you fit and healthy, this glossy-finished bottle will look great on your bedside table.

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