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5 Best Indian Street-Style Noodles Recipes You Must Try



It is no secret that noodles have become one of the most commonly cooked street food in Indian households. We definitely love street-style noodles, but if given a choice, we’d definitely turn to some homemade noodles every time our carving hits. And unlike the authentic noodles we love with its Indian flavor and spices, no wonder it is called Indo-Chinese cuisine. Some of our favorite Indo Chinese noodles are Szechwan Noodles, Veg/Chicken Chowmein and Butter Smooth Butter Chicken Noodles. Is the mention of these noodles making you cry? Well, don’t worry, because we have exactly what you need. Here are some easy recipes that will help you make these noodles at home in a matter of minutes.

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Here are 5 Indian street-style noodle recipes that you can try at home:

1. Egg Hakka Noodles:

Starting the list with the crowd favorite, Egg Hakka Noodle is a comfort food for all non-vegetarians. Made from simple ingredients like chopped vegetables, eggs along with a variety of sauces, this dish is sure to be a hit every time. Here is a simple recipe for you.

Easy and Delicious to make Egg Noodles

2. Chicken Chowmein:

The streets are lined with Chinese food carts selling this crowd favorite, but why not try making it at home? With this easy recipe, chicken chow mein can be a regular part of your weeknight meals at home. All you need is some noodles, shredded chicken, a mixture of sauces and some green onions for crunch. Try making these at home, read the detailed recipe here.

3. Veg Hakka Noodles :

If you are a vegetarian or don’t like eggs, this recipe comes to your rescue every time you crave some noodles. Veg Hakka Noodles will be loved by people of all ages, make it even more delicious and colorful by adding yellow and red capsicum, carrot, cabbage and enjoy. Here is the recipe that you can follow to make street style veg hakka noodles at home.


Everyone Loves Veg Hakka Noodles

4. Spicy Szechwan Noodles:

If there’s one thing that sets Schezwan apart from all other varieties, it’s the spice quotient of these noodles. This Schezwan Noodles recipe combines the heat of Szechwan chilies, cayenne pepper, black pepper powder and balances it out with tangy soy sauce and vinegar. This delicious recipe is not to be missed, read more about it here.

5. Butter Chicken Noodles:

Lastly, butter chicken noodles are brand new to the country’s street food landscape but are fast becoming a crowd favorite. Those who want to combine the taste of classic butter chicken curry and comforting noodles, must try this. Why look for this dish when you can make it from your own kitchen? Read the recipe here.


Try Making These Delicious Butter Chicken Noodles

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There you have it, these are some of the best noodle recipes that you can easily make at home. Give them a try and let us know which one you liked the most in the comments below.


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