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5 Best Oil Dispenser Alternatives for the Indian Kitchen



Cooking with oil is an essential part of our daily cooking. There is no doubt that food cooked in oil is delicious and delicious. The taste of dal without tempering is not as tasty as that of dal without tempering. We all know that cooking oil comes in packets and plastic bins but it is not practical to use them directly from these packaging. If we try, there is a high risk of oil spilling all over the kitchen platform. We need to store the oil in a compact and convenient dispenser that we can access easily. The dispenser should match with the sleek and aesthetic d├ęcor of our kitchen. That is why, we have found some good quality oil dispensers that will be perfect for your kitchen. You can find amazing deals on oil dispensers at Amazon’s Great Indian Festival. HDFC cardholders will get an additional 10% off on every purchase.

There are 5 oil dispensers to choose from:

1.NATULIX Stainless Steel Nozzle Oil Dispenser

Natulix’s Stainless Steel Oil Dispenser is ideal for storing oil. The handle and ergonomic shape provide a comfortable grip, making it perfect for daily use. This oil dispenser has a spill-proof design with a snug-fitting lid to control oil flow and avoid leaks. The dispenser is made of 100% food-grade material, making it safe for kitchen use. This product was priced at Rs 899 and is now available for Rs 359.


  • Price – Rs 389
  • Rating – 4/5
  • Material: Stainless Steel

61% Close

2.Misamo Enterprise Oil Dispenser

Misamo Enterprise’s oil dispenser set contains two oil bottles, two spice jars, a spatula, and an oil brush. The oil bottles in this set are also suitable for storing liquids other than oil. When you’re cooking, baking, or barbecuing, oil brushes can be used to brush melted butter, oil, ghee, and even sauces onto food. Oil bottles can store up to 500 ml of oil at a time. This product was priced at Rs 599 and is now available for Rs 299.


  • Price – Rs 299
  • Rating – 4/5
  • Material – Glass

50% Close

3.Signoraware Easy Flow Stainless Steel Oil Dispenser

Signware’s steel oil dispenser is a useful product for handling oil in the kitchen. This oil dispenser dispenses oil safely and sustainably. The dispenser is made of food-grade material and is completely safe to use. It comes with a food-grade lid. The plastic lid is BPA free and will not leach into the oil, making it harmless. This product was priced at Rs 380 and is now available for Rs 309.


  • Price – Rs 309
  • Rating – 4.5/5
  • Material – Plastic

18% Close

4. Crystalware Glass Oil Dispenser

Crystalware offers a set of two oil dispensers, each capable of storing 1000ml of oil. The oil bottles have a square design, which makes them sleek and perfect for your modern kitchen. These bottles have a stainless-steel dispenser spout for easily drizzling or pouring oil on your food. This dispenser spout comes with a rubber cork that seals the bottle when it is not in use. It was for Rs 999 and now it is for Rs 399.


  • Price – Rs 399
  • Rating – 4.5/5
  • Material – Glass

60% Close

Get verified sellers for Star Work-Glass Oil Dispenser Bottle, For Kitchen

Star Work’s oil bottles are made from glass, and they have a stainless steel shield to give the bottle durability and strength. Now you don’t have to worry about breaking the oil bottle in the kitchen. This set is a combo pack containing three oil dispensers, each capable of storing 500 ml of oil. The product was priced at Rs 1,499 and is now priced at Rs 426.


  • Price – Rs 426
  • Rating – 4/5
  • Material – Glass

78% Close

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