5 Different Kinds of Donuts You Need to Know and Try

5 Different Kinds of Donuts You Need to Know and Try

Donut (or doughnut) is a dessert that is popular all over the world. These deep-fried dough balls were originally brought to America by Dutch Pilgrims. Over the years, he has come to take many different forms. And if you’re a donut lover, you know that nothing feels better than a warm and fresh glazed doughnut. Whether you are craving something sweet or are simply looking for a delicious dessert to pair with your evening cup of coffee, a delicious donut always comes to our rescue! Speaking of our love for donuts, it is important that we are aware of the endless varieties of donuts that exist in the world. Today we bring you a list of 5 different types of donuts that you need to know about. to keep track.

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Here are 5 different types of donuts you need to know about:

1. Yeast Donuts

Yeast donuts are also called ‘raised doughnuts’. As the name suggests, this type of donuts uses yeast as a leavener, giving it a light and airy interior. They are filled with air pockets which makes them less likely to break.

2. Cake Donuts

Unlike yeast doughnuts, these donuts are leavened using baking powder. They have a dense base and a cake-like texture. Because of its dense and heavy base, cake donuts are able to hold all of your favorite toppings.

3. Cruler

Another donut type you need to know about is the cruller. These donuts have a unique, folded shape that can be circular or rectangular. While the French cruller is usually ring shaped, the New England one is rectangular shaped. They usually come with a honey or vanilla glaze.

4. Long John

These bar-shaped donuts are leavened with yeast and sometimes filled with jelly or custard. They are similar to eclairs but are fried instead of baked. Long Johns are either fully coated with glaze or top-coated with icing.

5. Old Fashioned Donuts

Old fashioned donuts date back to the 1830s. They are prepared in the shape of a ring and have a glaze similar to a classic glazed doughnut. These donuts are crunchy from outside and soft from inside.

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