5 Super Seeds Mix Alternatives You Must Add To Your Diet

As they say, healthy eating leads to a healthy life. It is important for good health and may reduce the risk of many chronic health conditions. However, due to the fast pace of life, we often miss out on many essential nutrients on a regular basis. At the same time, it becomes important to include super seeds in your diet. A super seed blend contains chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, hemp seeds, sesame seeds and more. These seeds contain higher levels of vitamins and minerals than other foods. So, if you are planning to buy a pack of Super Seeds Mix, here we bring you 5 options to choose from.

Here is a list of 5 Super Seeds Mixes to try:

1. True Elements 7 in 1 Seeds and Nut Mix

This seed mix from the brand True Elements contains 7 super seeds that also include nuts like soy nuts, all of which are rich in plant-based protein.

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2. Walnut Nuts Super Seeds Mix

Here we bring to you another such delicious and nutritious pack. This pack of super seeds contains 6 power-packed seeds that will keep you feeling full and satiated for a long time. Take the pack with evening kappa at 4 pm or you can eat it to satiate your untimely hunger.

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3. Super Seeds Mix Roasted

Here we bring you a super seed jar full of Omega 3. This plastic jar holds 6 power packed seeds. All these seeds are thoroughly roasted to give you the perfect taste of crunch.

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4. Leela Dry Fruits 5 in 1 Super Seeds Mix

This Super Seeds Mix Pack can be a great addition to a healthy diet as each serving provides vitamin E, B-complex vitamins, copper, potassium, calcium and iron. You can use this pack to sprinkle on cereals, yogurt salads and more.

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5. Super Healthy Dry Fruit Nuts, Seeds & Berry Organic Mix

Here we bring you a mixed combination of dry fruits, nuts, seeds and jamuns for healthy and delicious snacking. This pack is enriched with the goodness of internationally sourced nuts, seeds and berries.

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