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5 Tandoori Masala Alternatives That Will Make Your Dish Delicious



There is no doubt that tandoori dishes have become the favorite food of many of us today. Thanks to its distinctive taste and alluring aroma, tandoori dishes have a huge fan following across the world. What makes tandoori dishes different from other dishes is the earthy flavor and the signature smoky flavour. While it is traditionally made in a clay oven, you can easily prepare this dish in your microwave oven as well. So to make your cooking task easier, we have enlisted 5 best tandoori masala mixes that will enhance the taste and aroma of your tandoori dish. check them out.

Here are 5 best tandoori masala mixes to recreate the traditional style barbecue experience at home:

1. Shaan Tandoori Masala:

This spice mix for Tandoori Style Barbecue will help you prepare any tandoori dish at home in a jiffy. With its delectable aroma and rich flavour, this tandoori masala mix is ​​indeed the perfect choice for your next barbecue party.

2. Everest Masala Powder – Tandoori Chicken:

Our next option is this Tandoori Masala Powder from Everest which is made from authentic spices sourced from the best farms of India. This perfectly blended spice blend will enrich your marination to give a mouth-watering chicken or fish tandoor.

3. Urban Thali Tandoori Tikka Masala:

Bring the luscious aroma and flavor of classic tandoor to your home with this Tandoori Tikka Masala from Urban Platter. You can use 1 part of this spice mix with 1 part cream and 2 parts curd to make tikka pickle.

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4. Winggreens Farms Smoked Tandoori All-in-One Spice Mix:

Take the flavor of your tandoori dish up a notch with this Winggreens Farms Smoked Tandoori All-in-One Spice Mix. This spice mix has a special aroma which will make your dish more appealing and delicious.

5. Pleasant Chicken Tandoori Paste:

Make delicious Tandoori dishes from the comfort of your own home with this Delicious Chicken Tandoori Paste. This tandoori masala is suitable for making not only tandoori chicken but also tandoori vegetables, prawns and fish.

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