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About Idli Dhokla Recipe: Delicious Fusion Breakfast Recipe You Must Try



When it comes to making something quick and easy, there are many recipes that we can make with ease. And idli and dhokla are two such recipes that we love. These two dishes have a distinct fan base and provide a nutty flavor that fills us up for a long time. One is best eaten with sweet tamarind chutney and the other with delicious sambar – but have you ever thought of combining the two to create a new dish? Well, if not, then here we bring you a delicious recipe of Idli Dhokla that you will love to eat! As interesting as this dish sounds, we can assure you that it tastes amazing too. This recipe requires only a few ingredients and can be made in a matter of minutes.

In this dish you will need gram flour, rava, some spices and fruit salt. When it is cooked, the idli dhokla is tempered with classic South Indian flavors of mustard, curry leaves, coconut and more. The best part about this unique combination is that it is low in calories. So you can have it as a light snack or when you feel hungry or when you are trying to follow a diet. Check out the recipe of Idli Dhokla below.

Easy Breakfast Recipe: How To Make Idli Dhokla | Idli Dhokla Recipe

To prepare this dish, first mix gram flour, rava, ginger, curd, asafoetida, oil, salt, sugar, chopped chilies and water in a bowl. Once mixed, add a little fruit salt and beat again. Pour this batter into the idli stand and steam it. For the tempering, take some water, sugar and salt and pour it over the top. When the idli dhokla is soaked in water, add some grated coconut and mustard seeds on top.

Serve it with tea and enjoy with your family!

Click here for the complete Idli Dhokla recipe.

Make this delicious dish, and let us know how you liked it!


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