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Anita Hassanandani finds this dish most delicious



Anita Hassanandani’s food trip is always worth a visit. She keeps her Instafam engaged with relatable food stories. And, we love Anita’s recent food diaries. We don’t know about you but Anita loves to eat traditional food. And, it also includes prasad. Yes, you heard it right. In Anita’s latest Instagram update, we see her holding a lump of prasad in her palm. As for the caption, she simply wrote, “Kada prasad be the most delicious.”

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For Anita Hassanandani, food is an important part of the celebration. So, it was only clear that she would incorporate best treats during her birthday celebrations. The actress cut not one or two but four cakes on her special day. We could see a beautiful peacock-themed cake covered with white icing and embellished with golden glitter. Next in line was a dark chocolate cake with macaroons. The third cake was an indulgent chocolate delight tied with a golden ribbon. The last one, there is also a chocolate cake with “Happy Birthday Cookie” written on it.

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When indoors, Anita Hassanandani grabbed everyone’s attention with her food extravaganza. The actress’ food mark was worthy, to say the least. He ate the decadent Indori Poha, which had sev, chopped onion and a slice of lime. We also saw Idli Sambar kept in the cup. Next to it were mouth-watering jalebis and a sandwich. The delicious kachori topped with green chutney just gave us a craving. The actress also did a mouth watering service Sweet made with carrot, Doesn’t it look like he had a really nutritious meal? She captioned the image, “Poha, Indore” it didn’t happen,

Anita Hassanandani’s love for pizza is no longer hidden from anyone. In fact, the actress hits us hard with her love for this Italian dish.

Anita Hassanandani’s food diary always serves us delicious stories.