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“Anyone Wants To Join” Sonu Sood As He Enjoys Two Of The Most Famous Punjabi Dishes



In the winter season, everyone wants to have some comfort food. The drop in temperature usually compels us to opt for hot dishes. While for some people comfort food means a cup of hot chocolate, for some people prefer a steaming plate of khichdi. Actor Sonu Sood too has found his own comfort food. The actor rooted for some iconic Punjabi cuisine. Can you guess what he liked? Sonu posted a picture of his meal and wrote, “Makki ki roti, sarson ka saag”. Flatbread made from corn flour is a popular dish and is best suited for preparations made with mustard leaves.

Sonu Sood’s plate shows other dishes. We see bowls of curries, pickles, sweets and salads. The actor added in the caption, “Anyone wanna join in?”

“Anyone want to join?” asks sonu on the image

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Sonu Sood often posts about his culinary adventures. Recently he has shared a video from ‘Sonu Da Dhaba’. What did we see? The actors were busy with the “Sunday Special” meal. He introduced his followers to different types of Indian flatbreads: Lachha Paratha, Butter Naan, Missi Roti, Paneer Lachha Paratha, Plain Naan and Plain Roti. He also showed the process of making Naan. Read more about it here.

Last year ‘Sonu Sood Da Punjabi Dhaba’ was also serving us hot tandoori rotis. In a video where he is promoting small scale businesses, the actor was seen making these rotis in a traditional tandoor. He said in the video, “Once you eat rotis from Sonu Sood da Punjabi Dhaba, you won’t feel like eating rotis anywhere else.” Watch video here.

It is not always about Punjabi food when Sonu Sood is showcasing his culinary skills. The actor had tried to make a Maharashtrian dish last year. He taught his followers to make misal-pav. Misal is a flavorful gravy made with lentils and spices. It is served with soft buttered pav and topped with sev, onion, tomato and coriander. The caption read,make yourself eat (cook and eat yourself). Who wants misal pav?” Want to know more about it? Find it here.

We are in awe of Sonu Sood’s love for food.