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Arjun Kapoor’s adorable thali will make you hungry



Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor is a foodie and his social media is proof of it. While we are just trying to manage a busy week, Arjun knows how to make it better with good food. Their delicious thali is the inspiration we need in the middle of the week. Yes, his recent Instagram Stories are making us hungry. On Wednesday, he shared a picture of a delicious dinner plate, which looks healthy. On the plate, we see what appears to be chicken with roasted flaxseed and roasted mushrooms. The dish is garnished with some fresh coriander leaves. The meal will surely leave you with a crackling stomach.

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Being a foodie, what better way to enjoy this week! In the stories, he tagged his chefs Akshay Arora and Drew Neil.

Here’s a look at Arjun’s plate of delicious food:

Arjun Kapoor likes to keep his INFAM updated with his gastronomic adventures from time to time. A few days back, he gave us a glimpse into his sweet diary. We couldn’t help but miss the fabulous pancakes they enjoyed that day. He shared a picture of it on Instagram. There were two dark pancakes covered with chocolate sauce. We can also see some pumpkin seeds on top of it. It is not enough as we have also put some fresh honey on it. It was “Pancake Day” for Arjun.

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Arjun knows very well how to dodge the mid-week blues with lip-smacking food. In addition to his recent post, he once posted a picture of irresistible cooked chicken breasts in a juicy sauce. With that, we see some spicy rice with an omelet above. This time too he was treated by his chef Akshay Arora. For the caption, he wrote, “Akshay Arora, you are killing me with the presentation.”

He once shared a picture of eating green gravy in a bowl. In the caption, he said, “Dinner has been swallowed.” The bowl was empty so we’re not sure what Arjun actually had, but it looked like some pesto-sauce pasta dish. There were basil leaves around the bowl in the plate.

It seems that Arjun Kapoor’s chef Akshay Arora really feeds the actor good food and he appreciates him a lot.


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