Bird Flu: Is It Safe To Eat Chicken And Poultry? Heres what the WHO recommends

Cook chicken and eggs well before eating.


  • India reports outbreaks of bird flu in various states.
  • No H5N1 viral infection has yet been reported in humans.
  • Cook meat, chicken, egg and chicken properly to kill the virus.

India has recently reported outbreaks of bird flu or avian influenza in various states. So far, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala and Rajasthan have confirmed the outbreak. The Center has issued an advisory and set up a control room in the national capital to monitor the situation and curb proliferation. However, no cases of bird flu transmission in humans have yet been reported. What is avian flu According to the World Health Organization, it is a type of influenza virus (H5N1 virus) that causes severe respiratory disease in birds.

Occasional cases of bird flu occur in humans. It is transmitted to humans when a person comes into close contact with dead or living birds affected by the H5N1 virus. However, per capita infection has not yet been reported.

This brings up a question whether it is safe to consume chicken, duck, eggs or any type of chicken during this time? Let’s find out what the WHO recommends.

WHO’s advice on eating eggs and chicken:

“It is safe to cook chickens and game birds well,” reads a statement on the WHO website. The virus is said to be sensitive to heat; So by cooking your food at least 70 ° C (normal cooking temperature) the virus in your food can be killed. The organization further recommends preparing chicken, egg etc. after complete hygiene practice.

“A large number of human infections with the H5N1 virus have been associated with home slaughter before cooking and after diseased or dead birds. These practices represent the highest risk of human infection and are the most important to avoid,” WHO he said. .

Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Dairy Minister Giriraj Singh recently said that there is nothing to worry about the situation. Meat and eggs need to be cooked completely before eating to avoid any complications.

“In some places there are reports of death of wild and migratory birds due to bird flu. No need to panic. It is advisable to cook meat and eggs thoroughly before eating. States have been informed and they need assistance. More help is being provided. “He tweeted in Hindi.

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