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Bizarre food: Street vendors Medu Vada sandwich hits the internet (Watch Video)



The Internet is full of possibilities. We may stumble upon things full of wisdom or come across any number of material that can trigger many of our emotions. However, one thing that definitely catches the attention of many is the kind of content that can be bizarre and will leave them completely confused. doing strange things; Recently we saw one such food combination which surprised and shocked many at the same time. Now, if you are wondering what is the food combination this time, let us introduce you to Medu Vada Sandwich! This sandwich may sound fine at first, but once you know its filling, you can think of it again.

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In a recent video uploaded by Instagram user @burpaffairs, we can see a street vendor making medu vada sandwiches. The video begins with the vendor preparing the vada batter and then deep frying it till it becomes crispy. Once they are done, he takes them out and divides the vada into two parts. Then in the middle of the vada, he adds a layer of masala potato mash, spicy noodles and finishes it with mayonnaise on top. finally, he serves this vada with coconut chutney. According to @burpaffairs, this street vendor is from Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra. Take a look at the video here:

Ever since the video was uploaded, it has garnered 522K views, 19.2K likes and hundreds of comments. This Medu Vada Sandwich has really divided the internet. While some people are calling it ‘delicious’, some are against it. Many people have also made many sarcastic comments on making this sandwich.

One user wrote, “Hey, being a South Indian and it hurts to see a vada being hit like this. Ouch.” Another user wrote, “Why just destroy those innocent Meduvadas. Just take a dip in Sambhar and you will reach heaven.”

Conversely, one person commented, “Wonderful combination I’ve ever tried, it’s near my house and it forces me to cheat every Sunday evening.”

Some users have also called it “desi bagel”.

What do you think of these Medu Vadas? Let us know in the comments below!