“Blueberry Pancakes For The Win,” Says Malaika Arora As She Tastes The Fabulous Dessert

Malaika Arora’s food posts create a lot of buzz on social media. Her gastronomic adventure often gives us major culinary goals. Be it simple home-cooked meals or exotic dishes while on vacation, Malaika makes sure that she documents her indulgences and shares them with her online family. Today she was seen satiating her sweet tooth with mouth watering sweets. Malaika’s Sunday meal consisted of blueberry pancakes made to perfection. On her Instagram Stories, we saw tons of pancakes with blueberry crumbs. “Blueberry pancakes for the win,” wrote Malaika.

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Malaika Arora is one who believes in enjoying her holidays with delectable food. His food trail from Turkey made us swoon. Malaika went on vacation with her friends and gave us a glimpse of her lovely indulgence. She shared the reels on Instagram featuring various moments of her fun time there. In it, the actress was seen indulging in a classic Turkish delight – baklava. It is a popular Turkish dessert. She didn’t stop here. Malaika also ate some vanilla ice cream over a choco-lava cake.

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It is really amazing to see Malaika Arora striking the right balance between fitness and indulging in sweet treats from time to time. Once upon a time, she shared a snippet of a “Cherry Blossom Revisited Jar,” which looked alluring in every way. The heavenly sweet dish was made using sour cherry compote, chocolate millet sponge, vegan cream cheese, dark chocolate ganache and toasted hazelnuts.

We have seen Malaika Arora swaying on sweet dishes many times. Once, she shared a picture of a box of delicious cookies. The crunchy dishes looked delicious and Malaika sure loved every bite of it. “Obsessed with these cookies,” she wrote.

Malaika Arora is the sweetest of everything and it reflects in her food items. The best part about her being a foodie is that she doesn’t shy away from showing this side. He once shared about his go-to sweet dish on Instagram. Malaika dropped a snapshot of a richly rich slab of dark chocolate and wrote, “My go to… dark chocolate.”

We can learn a lot from Malaika Arora on how to enjoy food while leading a healthy lifestyle.


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