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Bone-health: 5 dairy products that may help reduce the risk of fractures in older adults



Health experts around the world suggest that a glass of milk is amazing for overall health. It is a storehouse of nutrients and milk has been considered a complete food since ancient times. A recent study further found that a diet rich in milk and other dairy products, may reduce the risk of falls and fractures in older adults. The findings were published in The BMJ (British Medical Journal). According to a report in ANI, this is one of the few studies in which research has been done on whether it is effective and safe to get these nutrients from foods. “This approach has broad implications as a public health measure for fracture prevention,” say the researchers.

The researchers conducted a two-year trial involving 7195 residents of Australian habitat, with an average age of 86 years. It found, “Improving calcium and protein intake using dairy foods is an easily accessible intervention that reduces the risk of falls and fractures in commonly institutionalized older adults.”

The researchers also noted that this “nutritional intervention” could have a huge impact on public health measures for fracture prevention in the elderly.

Keeping this in mind, we have come up with some of the best foods for older adults to include in a dairy-rich diet. Just have a look.

Here are 5 dairy product options for you:

1. Milk:

The most popular dairy product, milk is easily available in almost every kitchen. You can eat it every day or consume almonds, saffron, turmeric etc. to make a delicious and nutritious drink.

Milk is good for bone health

2. Cheese:

One of the most common ingredients in every Indian kitchen, paneer can be enjoyed in almost every form. Take it raw or add it to curries, soft and chewy paneer, this is just the mantra of indulgence. In addition, it is loaded with calcium, protein, vitamins, etc. and helps to benefit overall health.

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3. Yogurt:

Apart from being good for bone health, yogurt is also known to be a probiotic that can help promote digestion and metabolic process in the body.


Yogurt is also a probiotic

4. Chas:

Buttermilk also known as butter milk, chaas is a rich source of vitamins, calcium, potassium, probiotics etc. Apart from promoting strong bones, chaas helps in promoting immunity, healthy gut, weight loss and much more.

[ये भी पढ़ें: हड्डियों की मजबूती के लिए अपनी डाइट में शामिल करें ये 7 फल और सब्जियां]

5. Ghee:

Ghee is a healthy fat known to benefit overall health. An important component of our daily diet, it helps to repair the loss in bone mineral density.


Ghee is also great for overall health

Add these ingredients to your daily diet and enjoy strong bone health. But always remember, consult a doctor before adopting lifestyle changes.

Eat healthy, stay fit!

(Note: Food suggestions are not part of the study)

Disclaimer: This material, including advice, provides general information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your doctor for more details. NDTV does not take responsibility for this information.


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