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Celebrate Dussehra with mouth watering Jalebis showcased by Chef Summary Goila



The word “jalebi” is enough to satisfy our taste buds. These orange colored sweets are our favorite choice for celebrating happy moments with family or friends. This crispy Indian dessert melts in the mouth as soon as it is eaten. So, are you already craving some jalebis this festive season? If yes, then check out Chef Saransh Goila’s jalebi recipe on Instagram. In a quirky caption, he said, “Tricking my inner Ravana but my lust is only for these jalebis.” Apart from this, in the caption, he also wished everyone a “Happy Dussehra”. He wrote, ‘Be nice. be honest. Are you at home. Eat one jalebi at a time and definitely don’t go out for kidnapping someone’s wife or copying someone’s stuff or just adding to the pandemic. OK?” On a funny note.

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Ingredients used by Summary to make Jalebi:

For syrup:

1) Sugar (1 cup)

2) Water (3/4 cup)

3) Menon Juice

4) Saffron (2 pinch)

5) 4 cardamom

Instant Jalebi Mix

1) Maida Maize Flour (120 grams)

2) Cornflour (15 g)

3) Turmeric (1/8 tbsp)

4) Sour curd (1/4 cup)

5) Water (3/4 cup) – you can add more if required

6) Baking Soda (1/2 Tbsp)

Method to make Jalebi:

1) Take water and sugar and boil them together until it reaches a string consistency.

2) Mash the saffron and cardamom together and put them in the syrup prepared earlier. Boil it till it turns beautiful orange colour. Add a spoonful of lemon juice.

3) Add all the remaining ingredients, including Fine flour, corn flour, turmeric Mix well (turmeric), sour curd and water one by one. Whisk the batter well and ventilate it. To make it sour, add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Lastly add baking soda but don’t beat the batter too much after that.

4) The batter is ready and now you can fry the jalebis Ghee.

5) Don’t forget to add the fried jalebis to the syrup prepared by you before finally savoring it.

Take a look at the video here:

Be sure to try Chef Saransh’s mouth-watering jalebis this festive season and do let us know if you liked it.


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