Chironji for immunity and digestion: try these chironji dishes for good taste and health

Chironji can be added to many dishes.


  • Chironji seeds are known to boost immunity and improve digestion.
  • There are many ways to use Chiraunji in cooking.
  • Here are some recipes you can try.

The stock of traditional Indian spices runs deep and wide with spices with varying tastes and qualities. They can also vary in color and texture, but one thing is common – all these spices are beneficial benefits for our health. The more common spices like turmeric and ginger are prized for their powerful properties and there are some hidden gems that are equally beneficial to us. Here we are highlighting the benefits of consuming Chironji for your health and overall well-being.

Health Benefits of Chironji:

Chiraunji seeds (also known as kadappa almonds or charoli seeds) are mostly used in desi sweet preparations, while some savory dishes like flavor also taste better with this spice. In addition to offering its distinct taste, chironji can enhance our immunity to protect against cold, cough and other such infections. Chironji is also known to improve digestion and reduce issues such as constipation and acidity.

How to consume Chironji:

You can enjoy the splendid taste and health benefits of Chironji by trying the following recipes.

1. Chironji Dal

Chironji dal is usually made on fasting days. It is spiced with cardamom, green chillies, ginger and rock salt. Curd is also added in this tempering to make it tastier and creamy. Click here for the complete recipe.


2. payasam

The South Indian style kheer – payasam – is often flavored with lots of chironji seeds. Here is a pineapple pace recipe with a prominent chironji flavor that you must try. Click here for the complete recipe.

3. Register

Panjiri is an immune enhancing dessert popularly made in Punjabi homes during winters. To make it more healthy, add Chironji seeds to it. Click here for the Panjiri recipe with Chironji seeds.

4. Chironji Makhane Kheer

This unique kheer is made from soaked chironji seeds instead of rice. It is cooked in condensed milk and topped with caramelized bananas, almonds, fried makhana, dry fruits and chikki. Click here for the complete recipe.

5. Indian Sweets

Traditional Indian sweets like Barfi and Modak can be made with different tastes. Add chironji to them to enhance their taste and nutritional profile. Click here for a recipe of dry fruit modak with chironji.



6. Casserole

Pulao is a versatile rice dish that you can make with your choice of ingredients and spices. This Zafrani Pulao is a slightly sweeter version with a mixture of jaggery, saffron, raisins, other dry fruits and of course chironji flavors. Click here for the complete recipe.

Must eat the benefits of Chironji with these foods.

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