Cooking Tips: 5 Easy Hacks to Make Pancakes Even More Delicious (Recipe Inside)

Plenty of sugar syrup on a stack of soft and flat cakes – pancakes just make the magic of indulgence. It would be no exaggeration to say that pancakes are one of the most versatile and quick breakfast recipes one can think of. Have it with maple syrup or fresh cream and fruit – pancakes can always be customized to your taste and preference. He is not everything. You can also make a savory version of the dish by adding salt, veggies, and more. However, the most popular version remains the one with the American original. Here, flour, egg, milk and sugar are mixed together to form a semi-thick batter and cooked like cheela in a frying pan. It is then served hot with a topping of maple syrup or honey, along with fruits such as bananas, strawberries or blueberries. Sounds delicious and super easy, doesn’t it? OK, the recipe may obviously sound easy, but mastering the art of making those fluffy pancakes requires practice—and of course, some expert tips.

We bring you some quick and smart tips that will help you make soft and fluffy pancakes like a pro. to keep track.

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Here are 5 tips for making fluffy pancakes:

1. Do not over mix the batter:

Adding the ingredients to the right consistency and mixing them properly is the key to those perfectly fluffy pancakes. While mixing it leaves less unwanted lumps on the batter, over-mixing hardens the batter, leaving no room for air bubbles (which are responsible for bloating). Make sure the batter has the right pourable consistency.

2. Let the Batter Rest:

Experts suggest, ideally the batter should be left to rest for overnight. If not, it should rest for at least 30 minutes. And don’t forget to add baking powder to the batter for maximum rise.

3. Beat the Egg White and Yolk Separately:

While most of us beat whole eggs at once while making the batter, it is advisable to do this work separately. Experts suggest whipping the yolk with the dry ingredients of the batter. Later, just before making the pancakes, add and fold the egg whites into the batter. It can help you make the most delicious pancakes ever!

4. Flip at the Right Time:

Flipping at the right time plays a major role in preparing a perfect pancake. Do not flip the pancakes until you see bubbles on one side. And yes, flip it only once, using a spatula.

5. Keep Your Pan Clean:

Last but not least – make sure you keep the pan clean and dry every time you make a pancake. This helps you avoid the burnt taste in the delicacy.

Now, that you have these expert tips handy, what about making classic pancakes at home?! Here we have the recipe for you too. Click here to learn how to make Classic American Pancakes at Home.

Try it at home and let us know how you liked it!