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Craving for Veg Deewani Handi from your favorite Dhaba? Now make it at home with this recipe



Going to a dhaba or restaurant prompts us to indulge in heavy and rich food items which we do not include in our daily diet at home. A once-in-a-while indulgence is something that everyone is entitled to. Since there is no sure sign of the current pandemic ending soon, it is forbidden to visit the dhaba. So why not enjoy dhaba-style food in the comfort of our own home? Getting the same taste and aroma just right is the biggest challenge in home cooking, so you need the right recipes to make a delicious fare for your family and friends.

Here, we bring you the recipe of one of the most talked about North Indian dishes that we have always loved at our favorite Dhabas and Restaurants – Veg Deewani Handi. You can also call it Sabz Handi or Simple Veg Handi. The sight of this luxe and creamy curry served in an authentic clay pot, or a steel or aluminum utensil, immediately captivates us. We are sure that you will agree with us. With this recipe, enjoy re-tasting this heavenly dish at your home.

Veg Deewani Handi Recipe: How to make Veg Deewani Handi

The iconic Veg Deewani Handi is a combination of different vegetables with a variety of spices. The vegetables are usually cooked in a pool of onion-tomato gravy base, which is made creamed with cashew paste. In this recipe, we have made the process of cooking easy for you at home. If you do not have handi at home, you can also make it in your regular pan.

For the detailed recipe of Veg Deewani Handi, click here.

Satisfy your craving for home-cooked food with this Dhaba Style Veg Deewani Handi recipe.

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