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Curry in a Hree: Smriti Irani cooks for daughter Shanelle



Smriti Irani could not keep herself away from the kitchen on Friday. ask us why? After all, her daughter’s wish was to taste the delicacies prepared by her mother. Smriti Irani has made several posts on Instagram stories where we saw her making chicken curry. Smriti wrote, “When Shanelle Irani wants you to whip up a curry like Zoe Irani.” Shenell and Zoe are the daughters of Irani Smriti, and Zoe is a great chef as she often cooks delicious dishes for the Iranian family. Chanel was in demand to whip up a curry like Zoe. What we see next is a plate of whole spices, chopped onions and dried red chilies. The photo reads, “How much to grind when the spice is good, and you are in bondage.” Smriti continued this fun way of describing her cooking process through subsequent posts as well.


In the next photo we see the spices being cooked in oil. Smriti sang her couplets again and wrote, “It bursts and shatters. It is the spice that matters in the oil.”

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To keep the fun going, Smriti posted pictures of the entire cooking process. She also captioned them with rhyming lines. From adding chicken pieces to masala to adding tomato and coconut milk to the gravy, the pictures showed us all the steps. And, we are sure that this chicken curry is very tasty. In the end, Smriti wrote, ‘This is a quick vegetable. Has a lot of love for her daughter.


Chicken curry is a favorite of people in winters. Steamy curries with chicken meat and a burst of spices can spark a cold winter day. If you want a simple curry, whip up a dish of Aloe Chicken Curry. Chicken lovers will love this. Well cooked meat and potatoes along with spices and heavy texture of curd is something you cannot ignore.

Like Smriti Irani, if you want a touch of coconut flavor in your chicken curry, try the Malabar Chicken Curry Recipe. This aromatic dish from the land of Kerala is a worthy treat. Rich in spices and chilies and yet carrying a slight hint of coconut oil and curry leaves, this dish is a winner during any meal.

Smriti Irani cooked chicken curry on social media with a lot of fun and frolic. Make your Chicken Curry recipe special in its own way, and let us know what you tried in the comments below.