Do you know the connection between protein and craving? Namami Agarwal has the answer

Do you know the connection between protein and craving?  Namami Agarwal has the answer

Everyone knows the importance of protein in their diet. Protein is a macronutrient that our body needs to grow and repair cells. It is made up of chemical “building blocks” known as amino acids. Protein also makes up an important part of a healthy diet, and everyone meets their need for protein through a variety of foods. However, nutritionist Namami Agarwal has said that eating only the required amount of protein will not help. If you increase the intake of protein in your diet, it can help you deal with your cravings and much more. The health expert took to Instagram to share a video sharing the link between protein and cravings.

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Namami states that your body can get much more if you eat enough protein to prevent deficiency but by eating the right amount of protein.

She also says that the protein in your food reduces the hunger hormone – ghrelin. Not only this, but according to nutritionists, protein boosts peptide hormones, which makes you feel full. Thus, reducing unnecessary hunger pangs that can strike at any time of the day. Therefore, she advised that you should eat adequate amount of protein in your diet. “You not only have to prevent cravings, but you also have to reduce hunger, cravings and late-night snacks,” Namami said.

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Namami Aggarwal talked about the “sense of wholeness” in her previous video. He explained how you can avoid eating too much or too little. She said, “When we eat food, it gives our body vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. And, most of us are not aware of the “sense of satiety.” So, either we eat too much or we end up eating too little.” Further discussing the feeling of satiety, she said that it is equivalent to the feeling of fulfillment. This means that you should eat such food which makes you feel energetic enough to complete all your tasks. However, you should not eat so much that it becomes difficult for you to move. Namami suggests that “it’s important to know when to stop while eating your meal or even indulging in your favorites.” She further noted, “Accessing a sense of satisfaction by both the gut and the brain will help you feel good and reach satiety.”

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Follow these dietary tips by Namami Agarwal and lead a healthy life.

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