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Durga Puja 2021: Date, Significance and Food of Durga Puja



The festive season is upon us and the country is covered with a sense of joy and enthusiasm. Almost every part of the country will have different celebrations around this time – while Delhi, UP, Gujarat, Maharashtra and other states will celebrate the nine-day festival of Navratri, the eastern part of the country will be gearing up for one of these. Its biggest festival – Durga Puja. Durga Puja, also known as Durgautsov, is a five-day festival where devotees worship Goddess Durga, and these five days are Shashti, Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, Maha Navami and Vijaya Dashami. On the last day of the festival, Durga Visarjan takes place and devotees immerse the idol of the goddess in water, ending the festival. The dates of Durga Puja 2021 are as follows:

When is Durga Puja 2021

Shashthi – 11 October 2021

Maha Saptami – 12 October 2021

Maha Ashtami – 13 October 2021

Maha Navami – 14 October 2021

Vijayadashami – 15 October 2021

(Source: Drikpanchang)

Durga Puja is celebrated with pomp in the eastern parts of the country.

Importance of Durga Puja:

Goddess Durga is believed to be a fiery goddess who won the battle against the demon ‘Mahishasur’ and exemplified the thoughts of good over evil. According to legends, the story goes that Mahishasura received a boon from Lord Brahma that no man could ever kill him. On receiving the boon, he began to think of himself as an invincible lord and began to torment everyone including the gods or gods living in heaven. Feeling helpless, the deity approached Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma together provoked Durga to kill Mahishasura. On the auspicious day of Vijayadashami, the goddess defeated the demon in a long and monotonous battle. And that is why the goddess is also called ‘Mahishasur Mardini’.

The warrior goddess is known as ‘Mother’ or mother who can be seen with bow and arrows, a snake, flame, trident among others in her hands to protect her devotees from all troubles. She symbolizes feminine skill, determination, wisdom and many other things.

Festive Food for Durga Puja:

The festival is as much about the victory of good over evil and like every other festival in the country the unforgettable battle of Maa Durga cannot be complete without some delicious bhog delicacies. If you want to indulge yourself in the fragrant preparations of bhog like in West Bengal, here are 3 easy recipes that you can make this Durga Puja:

1. Snack:

A Bengali style khichdi, or khichdi as it is known in the local dialect, is a must-try dish during the worship season. There are high chances that you will find classic bhog khichdi served in almost all puja pandals, but you can easily make it in your own kitchen too. All you need is some rice, moong dal, some vegetables, and this easy recipe is right here.


Khichdi is a delicious one pot rice dish famous in India

2. Beguni :

Another quick treat to add to your khichdi side is this no-hassle eggplant fritters that are super easy to make and can be paired with almost everything. Simply dip thin slices of brinjal in the spiced gram flour batter and deep fry till they are completely golden, chew them hot as they become soft with time. Here is an easy recipe for you.

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3. Labra :

This authentic mixed vegetable preparation is just what you need to complete a true Durga Puja meal. Spicy and delicious, this spicy mixed vegetable is made from a mixture of pumpkin, potato, radish, cauliflower, and simple Indian spices called panch phoran. A true Bengali dish, try making it with this easy recipe here.


Labra is a curry made from a mixture of different vegetables.

4. Mishti Doi :

Mishti doi needs no introduction in the list of Bengali food items; Delicious milky curd is a regular feature in almost all types of Bengali thali. If you thought this is something that can be found only in those Bengali sweet shops, then we are here to bust the myth. Because with this easy recipe you can make delicious Mishti Doi in your own kitchen. Give it a try today.

5. Payesh:

To end the meal and celebration on a sweet note, here is the recipe of Bengali Kheer known as Payesh. But, since it is the festive season, treat yourself to a paneer that is richer and creamier than the regular paneer. Click here for the recipe.


Payesh is Bengali Kheer

Wishing everyone a Happy Durga Puja 2021!


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