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Enhance Your Cooking: 5 Best Non-Stick Tawa Alternatives For Your Kitchen



Cooking is nothing less than an art. There are many factors that make every dish delicious, whether it is the freshness of the ingredients or the method of cooking. The right types of utensils and cookware can also make a huge difference in the resulting preparations. A non-stick tava (griddle) is one such utensil that is definitely useful for many purposes. From dosa to uttapam, from cheela to paratha – there are countless Indian dishes that can be made even more delicious with the help of the right kind of pan. We have shortlisted five best non-stick tava options to suit your cooking and your kitchen.

Here are 5 best non-stick tawa alternatives for your kitchen:

1.Amazon Brand – Solimo Non-Stick Tawa with 2-Way Non-Stick Coating

Daily cooking becomes easy and hassle free with this Amazon branded non-stick tava. The 2-way coating ensures that the product lasts a long time and suits all your cooking needs.

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2. Pigeon Stovecraft Special Non-Stick Aluminum Flat Tawa Price:

Pigeon flat tawa is made of aluminum and black. Sturdy and sturdy the product has a stable handle which helps you to flip the paratha and cheela with ease.

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3. Hawkins Aluminum Futura Nonstick Dosa Tawa, Dia 28cm:

A dosa tawa can definitely come in handy when you want to make crunchy dosa with ease. The curved surface and non-stick German coating make this product ideal for making delicious dosas.

4. Amicus Kitchen Premium Iron Tawa 10 Inch Roti Paratha For Chapati:

Who says non-stick pans are only suitable for dosas and chiles? Roti, paratha and chapati can also be easily made with this tava made of pure iron. Enrich your daily cooking with the goodness of iron!

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5.CAROTE Granite Non-Stick Flat Roti Tawa:

Move over aluminum and iron, try this granite roti tava made with Swiss non-stick coating. All the food you cook will come off easily and make cooking a hassle free and seamless process.

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